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I Love Your Lifestyle – “No Driver” LP  

Iconoclasts – “Demo 1983″ 7”

Ignite – “Past Our Means” 12″  Currently unavailable

Ignite – “Call On My Brothers” LP  Currently unavailable

Ill Repute – “Halloween Live” Double 7″  Currently unavailable

Ill Repute – “What Happens Next” LP 

Impalers – “Celler Dweller” LP

Imploders – “Exd” cassette tape

Imploders – Self-titled 7″

Impotentie – “Leopold II is Niet Dood Genoeg” LP

Incendiary – “Crusade” LP

Incendiary – “Thousand Mile Stare” LP

Incendiary / Xibalba – Split 7″

Indecision – “Unorthodox” LP

Indian Summer – “Giving Birth To Thunder” LP

Infant Islandself-titled LP

Infant Island – “Beneath” LP

Inferno – “Tod & Wahnsinn” LP

Initial State – “Abort The Soul” LP

Initiate – “Lavender” 12″

Inmates – “Government Crimes” 7”

Insanity – “Demo 1985” LP

Insect Warfare – “World Extermination” LP

Insecure – “Closed Forever” flexi 7″

Inside Out – “No Spiritual Surrender” 7″  Currently unavailable

Insight – “Reflection” LP

Instigators – “Nobody Listens Anymore” LP

Instigators – “Phoenix” Double LP (& CD)

Integrity – “Seasons In The Size of Days (20th Anniversary Edition)” LP

Integrity – “Den Of Iniquity” Double LP

Integrity – “Palm Sunday” LP

Integrity – “Suicide Black Snake” LP

Integrity – “Systems Overload” LP  

Integrity – “Those Who Fear Tomorrow”

Integrity – “Humanity Is The Devil: 20th Anniversary Edition” LP  Currently unavailable

Integrity / Bleach Everything – “SDK x RFTCC” Split LP

Intensive Care – “Everything Has Its Price” 7″

Internal Rot / Mellow Harsher – split 7″  Currently unavailable

Internal Rot – “Mental Hygiene” LP

Iron Chic – “The Constant One” LP  Currently unavailable

Iron Chic – “Not Like This” LP  Currently unavailable

Iron Chic / Toys That Kill – split LP

Iron Chic – “Spooky Action” 7″

Iron Lung – “Life. Iron Lung. Death.” LP

Iron Monkey – “9-13” LP  Currently unavailable

Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper – split LP  Currently unavailable

Iron Reagan – “Dark Days head” LP  Currently unavailable

ISS – “Alles 3rd Gut” LP

ISS – s/t 7”

Japandroids – “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” LP

Jawbox – “For Your Own Special Sweetheart” LP  Currently unavailable

Jawbox – self-titled LP

Jawbreaker – “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” LP

Jawbreaker  – “Dear You” LP

Jawbreaker – “Etc” LP 

Jawbreaker – “Bivouac” LP

Jerry’s Kids – “Is This My World?” LP

Jesu – “Never” 12″ EP

Jesu – “Terminus” LP

Jesus Lizard – “Goat” LP

Jesus Piece – “Only Self” LP  Currently unavailable

Jesus Piece – self-titled 7″ 

Jesus Piece / Malace At The Palace – split 7″  Due back in June 2022

Joyce Manor – “S/T” LP  

Judge “What It Meant: The Complete Discography” Double LP Currently unavailable

Judge – “Bringin’ It Down” LP  Currently unavailable

Judiciary – “Surface Noise” LP  Currently unavailable

Kaaos – “Ristiinnaulittu” LP  Currently unavailable

Kaleidoscope – “After The Futures…” LP

Kaleidoscope – “Volume 3” LP

Karma to Burn – “Wild Wonderful Purgatory” LP

Khemmis – “Hunted” LP

Kidcrash – “Jokes” LP  Currently unavailable

King Nine – “Death Rattle” LP 

King Woman – “Celestial Blues” LP  Currently unavailable

King Woman – “Created in the Image of Suffering” LP  Currently unavailable

Knocked Loose – “A Tear in the Fabric of Life” 12″ EP

Kohti Tuhoa – “Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta” LP

Korrosive – “Syovyttava Laji” 7″

Kovaa Rasvaa – “Tasaluvulla Tulevaisuuteen” LP

Koyo – “Drives Out East” 7″  Currently unavailable

Koyo – “Painting Words into Lines” 7″

Kriegshog – self-titled LP

Krimewatch – self-titled LP  Currently unavailable

Kukl – “Holidays In Europe (The Naughty Nought)” LP

Kukl – “The Eye” LP

L.O.T.I.O.N. – “World Wide W.E.B.” LP 

Lacerate – Self-titled LP

Lang – “There Is No Reply, But Sweet Wind Blew” LP 

Larma – self-titled LP

Laughing Hyenas – “You Can’t Pray A Lie” LP

Life – “Ossification Of Coral” LP

Life’s Question – “A Tale of Sudden Love” 7″

Life’s Question – “A Tale Of Sudden Love And Unforgettable Heartbreak” 12″ EP

Lifetime – “Jersey’s Best Dancers” LP 

Lifetime – “Hello Bastards” LP

Limp Wrist – “18 Songs 12″ / First” LP

Litige – “En Eaux Troubles” LP

Loma Prieta – “I.V.” LP  Currently unavailable

Loop – “Sevens” 3 X 7″ box set

Loose Nukes – “Behind The Screen” 7″   Currently unavailable

Lord Snow – “Shadow Marks” LP

Los Crudos – “Doble LP Discografía” LP

Los Huaycos “Savage Monstrosities” LP

Loud Night – “Mindnumbing Pleasure” LP 

Love – “Forever Changes” LP

LSD – “1983 to 1986 / Lustmord, Snatch, Death’Ein Bodie = L.S.D.” LP  Currently unavailable

Lungfish – “Sound In Time” LP

Lungfish – “Talking Songs For Walking” LP  

Lungfish – “Love is Love” LP  

Lungfish – “Rainbows From Atoms” LP  Currently unavailable

Lungfish – “Pass And Stow” LP   Currently unavailable

Lungfish – “ACR 1999 ” LP  Currently unavailable

Magic Circle – “Departed Souls” LP

Magic Circle – self-titled LP

Magic Circle – “Journey Blind” LP

Magnitude – “Era of Attrition” 7″

Majority Rule – “Interviews With David Frost” LP 

Malcria – “El Reino De Lo Falso” LP

Malleus – “Storm Of Witchcraft” LP

Man Is The Bastard – “Abundance of Guns” 10″

Man Is The Bastard – “The Brutality Continues”  10″

Man Is The Bastard / Bizarre Uproar split 10″

Man Is The Bastard A.K.A. Charred Remains / Bleeding Rectum – Split LP

Man-Eaters – “Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul” LP

Maniac / Spy – “Split” 7″  Due back in June 2022

Maniac – “War & Insanity” LP  Due back in June 2022

Mankind – “Discography” LP

The Marked Men – “Fix My Brain” LP

Martyrdöd  – “Hexhammaren” LP

Martyrdöd – “In Extremis” LP

Mastodon – “Blood Mountain” LP

Mastodon – “Leviathan” LP  Due back in June 2022

Mastodon – “Call Of The Mastodon” LP

Mastodon – “The Hunter” LP

Maximum Penalty – “Demo 89” LP

M.A.Z.E. – “II” LP

M.D.C. / The Restarts – “Mobocracy” split LP

Melvins – “Houdini” LP

Melvins – “Ozma” LP

Melvins – “Working With God” LP

Menace – “I Need Nothing” 7″

Mentira – “Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira” 7″

Message – “From Books And Dreams” LP

Metallica – “Ride The Lightning” LP

Metallica – “Kill ‘Em All Remastered Edition” LP

Micro Edge – ‘83 Demo LP  currently unavailable

Mil-Spec – “World House” LP  Currently unavailable

Mil-Spec – “Changes” 7”  Currently unavailable

Militarie Gun –  “All Roads Lead To The Gun” 12″ EP  Currently unavailable

Militarie Gun – “My Life Is Over” 7″  Currently unavailable

Mindforce / Dead Heat – split 12″

Mindforce – “Excalibur” LP and 7″ flexi

Mindforce – “Swingin Swords Choppin Lords” 12″

Mindforce – “Reign Of Terror” Flexi 7″

Minor Threat “Out Of Step” 12″ EP  

Minor Threat – self-titled  12″ EP  

Minutemen – “Double Nickels on the Dime” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Misery / SDS – split LP

Misery – “Who’s The Fool…The Fool is Silence” LP

Misfits – “Legacy Of Brutality” LP  Currently unavailable

Misfits – “Static Age” LP  Currently unavailable

Misfits – “Die Die My Darling” 12″ EP  Currently unavailable

Misfits – “Walk Among Us” LP  Currently unavailable

Mission Of Burma – “Peking Spring” LP

MM And The Peculiars – “Paean” 12″ EP

The Mob – “Let The Tribe Increase” LP

Modern Life Is War – “Fever Hunting” LP  Currently unavailable

Modern Life Is War – “Midnight In America” LP  Currently unavailable

Modern Life Is War – “Witness Reissue” LP  Currently unavailable

Modest Mouse – “The Lonesome Crowded West” Double LP

Møl – “Diorama” LP

Moment Maniacs – “Two Fuckin’ Pieces… ” LP

Monster Magnet – “Spine Of God” LP  Currently unavailable

Morne – “Shadows” LP

Mountain Caller – “Chronicle I: The Truthseeker” LP

Mouthpiece – “Can’t Kill What’s Inside: The Complete Discography” LP

Moving Targets – “Burning In Water” LP

Moving Targets – “Fall” LP

Mudhoney – “Superfuzz Bigmuff” LP

Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust – “Toxic Waste” split LP

Municipal Waste – “The Art Of Partying” LP

Murderer – “I Did It All For You” LP  Currently unavailable

Muro – “Ataque Hardcore Punk” LP   Currently unavailable

Mutant Scum – self-titled LP

Mutilated Tongue – “Fuel The Flame” LP  

My Bloody Valentine – “Isn’t Anything” LP

My Bloody Valentine – “m b v” LP

Nails – “Unsilent Death: 10 Year Anniversary Edition” LP  Currently unavailable

Nails – “Obscene Humanity” 7″  Currently unavailable

Nails / Full Of Hell – Split  7″  Currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “Basement Screams” LP  Currently unavailable

Naked Raygun – “Throb Throb” LP  Currently unavailable

Napalm Death – “Scum” LP

Napalm Death – “Enemy of the Music Business” LP

Napalm Death – “Utopia Banished” LP

Nasti – “Life Is Nasti” LP

Nasti – “Big Achievements” LP

Nasum – “Human 2.0” LP

Natur – “Afternoon Nightmare” LP

Negative Approach – self-titled  7″  

Negative Approach – “Nothing Will Stand In Our Way” LP 

Negative Approach – “Tied Down” LP

Negative FX – self-titled LP

Neon Christ – “1984” LP

Neurosis – “The Word As Law” LP

Neurosis – “Pain Of Mind” LP

Night Birds – “Roll Credits” 12″ep

Night Birds – “Fresh Kills Vol 1” LP 

Nightfell – “A Sanity Deranged” LP

Nightmare – “Give Notice Of Nightmare” LP 

Nile – “In Their Darkened Shrines” Double LP  Due back in June 2022

Nisses Nötter – “Det Är Krig (83 to 85)” LP

No Defences – “Released” LP

NOFX – “Maximum Rocknroll” LP

NOFX – “Surfer” 7″

NOFX – “Longest Line” LP

No/Más – “Consume/Deny/Repent”

No Problem – “Already Dead” LP

No Statik – “Mysterious To Ourselves” LP

Noisem – “Blossoming Decay” LP

Noisem– “Cease To Exist” LP

Nomeansno – “The Worldhood Of The World (As Such)” Double LP

Nomeansno – “The Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie” Double LP

Nothing – “Guilty Of Everything” LP

Nothing – “The Great Dismal B-Sides” 12″ EP

Nukkehammer – “A Distant Hissing In Your Ear” 7″

Nuvolascura – “As We Suffer From Memory And Imagination” LP 

Oathbreaker – “Rheia” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Obliterations – “Poison Everything” LP

Oceansize – “Effloresce” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Offenders – “Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Bad Times” Double LP

Ohyda – self-titled LP

Oi Polloi – “Saorsa” LP

Oily Boys – “Cro Memory Grin” LP

Omega Tribe – “No Love Lost” LP

One Last Wish – “1986” LP  Currently unavailable

One Step Closer – “From Me To You” 12″ EP

One Step Closer – “This Place You Know” LP

Operation Ivy – “Energy” LP  

Operation Ivy – “Hectic” 12″ep

Oranssi Pazuzu – “Varahtelija” Double LP

Orchid – “Chaos Is Me” (silver foil edition) LP  Currently unavailable on vinyl

Orchid – “Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!” 10″  Currently unavailable on vinyl

Orchid – “Totality” LP  Currently unavailable on vinyl

Orchid – self-titled  LP

P.O.A.C. “This Won’t Get Any Fucking Better Demo”

Paranoid – “Heavy Mental Fuck Up!” LP  

Paranoid – “Northern Winds Of Brutal Hell Mangel: Volume 1″ LP  

Paranoid – “Cover of the month” LP

Partisans – self-titled LP

Partisans – “Anarchy In Alkatraz / No Future Demos 1980 – 1982” LP

Patsy – “LA Women” LP

Peace Test – “Collection” LP

Pegboy – “Strong Reaction” LP

Petite – “II” 7″

Physique – “The Evolution Of Combat” LP

Physique – “Punk Life Is Shit” EP 12″

Pig Destroyer – “Terrifyer” LP

Pillars Of Ivory – “The Biblical Scripturez” LP

Pinhead Gunpowder – “Jump Salty” LP

Pinhead Gunpowder – “Carry The Banner” LP

Pixies – “Surfer Rosa” LP

PJ Harvey – “Rid Of Me” LP

PJ Harvey – “Dry” LP

PlasticHeads – “Nowhere To Run” LP  Currently unavailable

Poison Idea – “Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years – Volume 1” LP  Due back in June 2022

Poison Idea – “Kings Of Punk” Double LP

Poison Idea – “Pig’s Last Stand” Double LP+DVD

Poison Idea  – “War All The Time”  LP  Due back in June 2022

Portishead – “Dummy” LP

Portrayal Of Guilt – “Christfucker” LP

Portrayal Of Guilt – “Let Pain Be Your Guide” LP

Portrayal Of Guilt – self-titled  7”

Portrayal of Guilt / Slow Fire Pistol – split 7″

Power Trip  – “Opening Fire: 2008 – 2014” LP  Due back in June 2022

Power Trip – “Manifest Decimation” LP

Power Trip – “The Armageddon Blues sessions” 12″ EP  Currently unavailable 

Praise – “Leave It All Behind” 12″ EP

Primal Rite – “Dirge of Escapism” LP 

Primal Rite – “Sensory Link To Pain” 7″ 

Primitive Blast – “Animalistic” 12″

Primitive Man – “Immersion” LP

Project X – “Straight Edge Revenge” 7″  Currently unavailable

The Proletariat – “The Murder Of Alton Sterling / Push Back” 7″

The Promise Ring – “30 Degrees Everywhere” LP

Propagandhi / Sacrifice –  “Anthem and Technocracy” split 7″  Currently unavailable

Propagandhi – “Potemkin City Limits” LP 

Propagandhi – “Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes” LP

Protocol – “Bloodsport” LP

The Psychos – “One Voice” LP  Currently unavailable

Public Eye / Estranged – split 7″

Pummel – “Our Power” 7″

Punch – “Nothing Lasts EP” 7″

PUP – “This Place Sucks Ass” LP

Pussy Galore – “Pussy Gold 5000” LP

Pygmy Lush/Turboslut – split LP  Currently unavailable

Pygmy Lush – “Mount Hope” LP  

Quarantine – “Regressive Thoughts (Anthology)” Double LP

Quarantine (US) – “Agony” LP

Rainbow Grave – “No You” LP

Ramones – Self-titled LP

Ramones – “Leave Home” LP

Rancid – “Radio Radio Radio” 7″

Rash Decision – “Karōshi” LP

Rat Cage – “Caged Like Rats” 7″

Rat Cage – “Blood On Your Boots” 7”

Rat Cage – “Screams From The Cage” LP

Rated X – “United Front” LP

Rats In The Wall – “Warbound” 7″

Raw Power – “83 Demo” LP

Reagan Youth – “Volume 1” LP  Currently unavailable

Redbait – “Cages” 7″

Red Death – “Formidable Darkness” LP

Red Death – “Permanent Exile” LP

Red Hare – “Nites Of Midnite” LP  Currently unavailable

Red Hare – “Little Acts Of Destruction” LP  Currently unavailable

Regional Justice Center – “Institution” LP  Currently unavailable

Regional Justice Center – “Crime And Punishment” LP  Currently unavailable

Regional Justice Center – “KKK Tattoo” 7″  Currently unavailable

Regional Jurtice Centerself-titled 7″  Currently unavailable

Reign of Terror – “Don’t Blame Me” 7″

Reptile House – “4 Songs” 7”  Currently unavailable

Ressurection – “I Am Not: The Discography” Double LP  Currently unavailable

The Restarts – “Uprising” LP

Restraining Order – “The World Is Too Much” LP

Restraining Order / Warfare – split 7″  Due back in June 2022

Reversal Of Man – “This Is Medicine” CD

Rex – “3” LP

R.I.P. – “Dead End” LP

R.I.P. – “Dead End” Double LP

Ripcord – “Defiance of Power” Double LP

Rites Of Spring – “6 Song Demo” 10″

Rites of Spring – “All Through A Life” 7”

Rites Of Spring – “End On End” LP

Rixe – “Collection” LP

RKL – “The Best Of” LP  Currently unavailable

Rodan – “Rodan The Hat Factory 93” LP

Rodan – “Rusty” LP

Rollins Band – “Life Time” LP  Currently unavailable

Rolo Tomassi – “Grievances” LP

Rorschach – “Remain Sedate / Protestant” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Rotting Out – “The Wrong Way” LP

Rotting Out – “Ronin” LP

Rotting Out – “Street Prowl” LP

Rough Francis – “Urgent Care” LP

Rudimentary Peni – “Great War” Mini LP

Ruin It! – “Locked Up Dead” LP

Rule Them All – “An Alignment Of Polarity” 12″

Sabertooth Zombie – “Midnight Venom” LP

Sacrilege – “It’s Time To Face The Reaper. The Demos 84-86” Double LP

Sacrilege – “Ambulance Station Squat, London, 1985 & The First & Second Demos” LP

Saetia – “Collected” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Sarabante – “Poisonous Legacy” LP

Scarecrow – “Raise the Death’s Head” 10″

School Drugs – “Relative Suffering” 7”

School Drugs – “Modern Medicine” LP

Scowl – “How Flowers Grow” Tape Cassette   Due back in June 2022

Scowl – “How Flowers Grow” CD  Due back in June 2022

Scream – “This Side Up” LP  Currently unavailable

Screaming Fist – “Templanza” 7″

Search – “Between The Lines” 7″ 

Seaweed – “Actions And Indications” LP

Second Attack – “Lies And Myths” 7″

Sect Mark – “Worship” LP

Section H8 – “Welcome To The Nightmare” LP  Currently unavailable

Sedition – “1989 Demo” 7″ EP  Currently unavailable

SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Songs For The Firing Squad” LP

SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds” LP

Seized Up – “Marching Down The Spiral” 7″

Self Defense Family – “Performative Guilt” 12″ ep

Self Defense Family / Axis – split 7″

Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter – split 7″

Self Defense Family – “Wounded Masculinity” 12″ EP

Self Defense Family – “Have You Considered Punk Music” LP

Self Defense Family – “Heaven Is Earth” LP

Self Defense Family – “Indoor Chimes/Cottaging” 7″

Selfish – “Life Has No Vacant Time” LP

Sense Field – “Building” LP  Due back in June 2022

Sense Field – “Killed For Less” LP  Due back in June 2022

Sepultura – “Arise” Expanded Edition Double LP

Sepultura – “Beneath the Remains” Expanded Edition Double LP

Severed Head Of State – “Power Hazard E.P.” LP

Sex Prisoner – “Tannhauser Gate” LP

Sheer Mag – “Compilation” LP

Sheer Mag – “A Distant Call” LP

Sheer Mag – “Need To Feel Your Love” LP

Sheer Terror – “Spite” 7″

Sheer Terror – “Pall In The Family” 7″

Shelter – “Quest For Certainty” LP

Shelter – “Perfection Of Desire” LP

Shin Guard – “2020” LP

S.H.I.T. – “What Do You Stand For?” LP

Shit Coffins – “Termination” LP

Shook Ones – “Sixteen” LP

Shrinkwrap Killers – “Stolen Electronics To Shove Up Your Ass” 7″

Sick Of It All – “Call To Arms” LP

Sick Of It All – “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!” LP

Side By Side – “You’re Only Young Once…” LP  Currently unavailable

Siege – “Drop Dead” LP  Currently unavailable

Siege – “Drop Dead” (30th Anniversary Edition)” CD

Siege – “Drop Dead” (30th Anniversary Edition)” Tape Cassette

Skullcrack – “Turn To Dust” LP

Slant – “Vain Attempt” 7″

Slapshot – “Step On It” LP

Slapshot – “Back On The Map” LP

Sleater-Kinney – “The Woods” Double LP

Sleater-Kinney – “All Hands On the Bad One” LP

Sleep – “The Clarity” one-sided 12″

Slint – “Spiderland” (Remastered) LP & DVD

Slint – “Tweez” LP

Slow Mass – “Treasure Pains” Deluxe Edition LP

The Smarthearts – “On the Line” LP

Snapcase – “Steps” 7″  Currently unavailable

Snapcase – “Progression Through Unlearning ” LP

SNFU – “…And No One Else Wanted To Play” LP

Sniper Culture – “Combat Rock” 7”  Currently unavailable

Snuff – “There’s A Lot Of It About” LP

S.O.A. – “First Demo” 7″   Currently unavailable

Social Distortion – “Mommy’s Little Monster” LP

Socia La Difekta – “Kreski” 7  

Soft Kill and Jerry A – “New Age / Fatigue” 7″

Somerset Thrower – “Godspeed” LP

Sons Of Ishmael – “Hayseed Hardcore, The Whole Story” LP

Soul Blind – “Greatest Hits Vol. 1″ 7”  Currently unavailable

Soul Glo – “Songs To Yeet At The Sun” LP

Soulside – “Trigger & Bass/103” LP  Currently unavailable

Spine – “Faith” LP

Spiral Heads – self-titled 7″

Spirits – “Unrest” LP

Spy – “Service Weapon” 7″  Due back in June 2022

Spy – “Habitual Offender” CD

SSD – “How We Rock” LP

Stäläg 13 – “In Control” LP

State Faults – “Clairvoyant” LP 

State Faults – “Resonate/Desperate” LP  

Stray Bullet – self-titled EP 7″

Strife – “One Truth” LP

Struck Nerve – “Rattle The Cage” LP

Subhumans – “Internal Riot” LP  

Subversive Rite – “Songs for the End Times” LP

Sugar – “File Under: Easy Listening ” LP

Suicidal Tendencies – self-titled LP

Sunami – “7” And Demonstration” LP

Sunny Day Real Estate – “Diary” Double LP  

Sunny Day Real Estate – “How It Feels to Be Something On” LP

Sunny Day Real Estate – “The Rising Tide” Double LP

Sunset – “Destroyer” 7″

Sunshine Ward – “Nuclear Ambitions” LP

Sunstroke – “Second Floor / Seven” LP

Sunstroke – “Bloom At Night” 12″ EP

Superchunk – “Foolish” LP  

Superchunk – “On The Mouth” LP

Superchunk – “No Pocky For Kitty” LP

Svalbard – “Discography 2012-2014” Double LP

Svalbard – “It’s Hard To Have Hope” LP

Svalbard – “One Day All This Will End” LP

S.W.A.T. (AKA Sex With A Terrorist) – “Demo” Tape Cassette

Sweet Jesus  – “You Destroy Yourself” LP

Swing Kids – “Situation On Mars” 7″

Swing Kids – “Anthology” LP

Swing Kids – “Discography” CD

Swingin’ Utters – “The Streets Of San Francisco” LP

Swordwielder – “System Overlord” LP

Systematic Death – “Systema” 7″

T.S.O.L. – “Dance With Me” LP  Currently unavailable

T.S.O.L. – “Beneath The Shadows” LP  Currently unavailable

Taqbir – “Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause” 7″

Tarantula – “Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate” 7″  

Terror – “One With The Underdogs” LP

Terror – “Trapped In A World” LP

Terrorizer – “World Downfall” LP

These Arms Are Snakes – “Tail Swallower & Dove” LP

This Will Destroy You – “Young Mountain” LP

This Will Destroy You – self-titled  (10th Anniversary Edition) Double LP with bonus 7″

Title Fight – “The Last Thing You Forget” 7″

Token Entry – “From Beneath The Streets” LP  Due back in June 2022

Too Many Voices – “Catch Me If You Can” LP

Totalitär – “Heydays Revisited” 7″

Totalitär – “Sin Egen Motstandare” LP / CD

Touche Amore – “Is Survived By” LP

Touché Amoré – “Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me” LP

Touché Amoré – “Stage Four” LP

Touche Amore  – “Live On The BBC Radio 1 Vol.2″ 7”

Touche Amore  – “Live On The BBC Radio 1 Vol. 3″ 7”

Toxic Waste – “Belfast” LP

Tozcos – “Suenos Deceptivos” LP

Tozcos – “Existencia Aturida” 7″

Tragedy – “Nerve Damage” LP

Tragedy – “Vengeance” LP

Tragedy – self-titled LP

Trail Of Lies – “W.A.R” LP  

Trap Them – “Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings” 12″ EP

Trapped Under Ice – “Secrets Of The World” LP  Currently unavailable

Trapped Under Ice – “Stay Cold” 7″

Trapped Under Ice – “Big Kiss Goodnight” LP

Trappist / Connoisseur – “Cross Faded” split LP

Trappist – “Ancient Brewing Tactics” LP

Tricky – “Maxinquaye” LP

Truth Cult – “Off Fire” LP

Turbonegro – “Apocalypse Dudes” LP

Turbonegro – “Ass Cobra” LP 

Turnstile – “Glow On” LP

Turnstile – “Time And Space” LP  Currently unavailable

Turnstile – “Nonstop Feeling” LP  Currently unavailable

Turnstile – “Pressure To Succeed” 7″  Currently unavailable

Turnstile – “Move Thru Me” 7″  Currently unavailable

Ultra-Violent – “Crime For Revenge” 7″  Currently unavailable

Umbra Vitae – “Shadow Of Life” LP  

Unbroken – “And b/w Fall On Proverb” 7″

Understand – “Burning Bushes and Burning Bridges” LP

Undertow – “Everything” Double LP

Uniform Choice – “Screaming For Change” LP

United Mutation – “Dark Self Image” LP  Currently unavailable

United Nations – “Never Mind The Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures” 7″  Currently unavailable

United Nations – self-titled LP

Unreal City – “Cruelty Of Heaven” LP

Unsane – “Improvised Munitions & Demo” LP

Uranium Club – “All Of Them Naturals” LP

Uzi – “Cadena De Odio” LP

Vamachara – “Hereafter” LP

Venom Prison – “Primeval” LP

Violent Reaction – “City Streets” LP

Visions – self-titled LP

Voivod – “Dimension Hatrös” LP

War On Women – “Wonderful Hell” LP  Currently unavailable

War On Women – “Capture The Flag” LP

Warcolapse – “Deserts Of Ash” 12″ EP

Warcolapse – “Bound To Die” 7″

Warhead – “Never Give Up” LP

Warm Bodies – self-titled LP

Warthog – self-titled 7″

Warwound – “WWIII” LP

Warxgames – “Violent & Depressed” 7″

Warzone – “Don’t Forget The Struggle Don’t Forget The Streets ” LP 

Warzone – “Open Your Eyes” LP

Watter – self-titled LP

Weekend Nachos – “Worthless” LP

The Weirdos – “Weird World Volume One: 1977-1981” LP

White Stains – “Make Me Sick” LP

Winter – “Into Darkness” Extended Edition Double LP

The Wipers – “Youth Of America” LP

The Wipers – “Is This Real?” LP

The Wipers – “Over The Edge” LP

Wire – “154” LP

Witchtrial – “Demo 2017” LP  Currently unavailable

With Honor – “Heart Means Everything” LP

Wolfbrigade – “The Enemy: Reality” LP

Wolfbrigade – “Comalive” LP

World Burns To Death  – “The Graveyard of Utopia” LP 

World Peace – “Come And See” LP  Currently unavailable

Wolves in the Throne Room – “Black Cascade” Double LP

Wound Man – “Prehistory” 7″

Wound Man – “Perimeter” LP

Wristmeetrazor – “Demo” flexi 7″

Wristmeetrazor – “Take Your Shot, Funboy” 7″

X – “Los Angeles” LP

Xibalba – “Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios.” 7″

Yaphet Kotto – “The Killer Was In The Governement Blankets” CD  Currently unavailable

Year Of The Knife –Ultimate Aggression” LP

Year Of The Knife – “Internal Incarceration” LP

Yob – “Clearing the Path to Ascend” LP

Youth Brigade – “Complete First Demo” 7″

Youth Of Today – “We’re Not In This Alone” LP   Currently unavailable

Youth Of Today – “Can’t Close My Eyes” LP  Currently unavailable

Youth Of Today – “Break Down The Walls” LP

Zao – “The Crimson Corridor” Double LP

Zeke – “Hellbender” LP

Zero Boys – “History Of” LP

Zounds – “Can’t Cheat Karma” LP

Zounds – “Curse Of The Zounds” LP

Zouo – “Agony 憎悪 Remains” LP

Zyanose – “Chaos Bender” LP

Zyanose – “Total End Of Existence” LP

Zyanose – “Noise Philia チアノーゼ – 2005-2011” LP

Zygome / Kaltbruching Acideath – split LP

Various – “Every Winter Is Cold” A New England Hardcore Compilation LP

Various – “”New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are” LP” Compilation LP  Currently unavailable

Various – “Still Alive: HC Compilation” 7″

Various – “Brutal Africa – The Heavy Metal Cowboys of Botswana” LP

Various – “A Tribute To Capitalist Casualties: West Coast Power Violence Forever” LP