OILY BOYS – “Cro Memory Grin” LP


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Oily Boys – “Cro Memory Grin” LP

The UK press of a debut album that came out on Cool Death Records in the summer of 2020. Sydney’s Oily Boys are a perfect addition to the Static Shock stables – the band excell in the back-to-basics, primitive hardcore rage that turns-up so often on this label, always with an extra-loud element of wildness and danger. But also, like a complicated split personality, this comes loaded with other less obvious experimentation and off-the-wall self expression, reaching beyond the boundaries of conventional hardcore, going somewhere else…. somewhere…out there. These guys put the psycho into psyche. So this is a perfect choice for aficionados of Bib, Geld and Gag; and folk who enjoy the distress and challenge of Daughters, but that also crave the raging primitavism of early Poison Idea.

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