Postage/order info

and Packaging

Postage for UK and abroad is worked out by the combined weight of each individual item (with an additional amount to cover the cost/weight of packaging materials). It should be pretty accurate, and cheap.

This is a rough indication of what to expect for inland parcels:

One or two 7″s (2nd class) work out at £1.55   Three to four will be £2.02 /  Five or more £3.43.

One to five LPs (or six, if light enough) will cost £3.43 (if it goes 2nd class).

As long as they’re not heavy gatefold-sleeves or double albums you should get six LPs for £3.50 ok. If the combined weight goes over 2kg – which seven LPs probably will  – it becomes more expensive. If you make a huge, super-heavy order I’m sure I can work out a courier service to help cut costs.
The checkout system set up on this webstore is pretty good at showing you the postage cost, and if you fiddle-around and add/subtract items from your basket you should quickly get the hang of it ok.

Royal Mail compensate a 1st/2nd class package up to £20.00 in value (for loss or damage). If the value of your combined order is over £20 Royal Mail advise that you need ‘Signed For’ for an additional £1.00 (what used to be called Recorded Delivery). This will give you better/full financial compensation if anything does go wrong, and it also means you can keep tabs on your parcel’s progress – which can be very convenient.

But it is up to you. You can take a gamble and go for the cheapest 2nd class option if you prefer – but if your parcel does go missing, anything over the £20 threshold in value, you loose, not me!

Generally, Royal Mail are reliable. And even if you pay the cheapest option/second class I will have proof of posting and a reference number that, if nothing else, lets you know when the parcel is delivered.

You should recieve your records in 100% perfect condition. I avoid flimsy record mailers for 12″s, and try to re-use thick cardboard from other sources. This protects the corners, helps stop any bending and creasing, and stops any internal movement that might split the sleeve seams. Physics is a bitch. But so are my packaging skills.

Most record labels seal their records in polythene (probably less so from now on, as people become more aware of needless disposable packaging). In order to avoid the dreaded seam split let me know if you want me to open the seal and place the record outside of the sleeve before posting. (Sometimes I do this automatically if I can feel that the record is a bit lose within the sealed sleeve).


I ship to the whole planet, (including Plymouth). Adding ‘Tracked and Signed’ to your order at checkout is a sensible option, but quite expensive – so it is up to you. If anything goes wrong, or gets lost, I will help you sort it out as much as I can, but you will have to take the financial loss if you did not pay extra for the full compensation that comes with ‘Tracked and Signed’.


It’s always a good idea to get in touch the moment you feel a bit concerned about a delayed parcel. Believe me, I know exactly how much uncertainty sucks! So message me ( or phone me (01297 678979). It’s better safe than sorry.

Time delays in processing your order will be pretty unusual, but sometimes, you know, life happens. For UK customers, give it about a week before getting too alarmed. International orders, maybe wait a few weeks.
Usually within 1-3 working days after sending payment you will have recieved notification from me that a parcel is on the way to you.

Because I live in an isolated rural location I cannot get to the post office every day. I usually make the trip three times a week. Overall, the time scale for inland orders is days, not weeks.

If anything goes wrong with your order – whether you got a different colour of vinyl to the one you were expecting; or the postal service unleashed its violent fury on the corner of your record sleeve – get in touch, and I will sort it out. And if I fuck up I will grovel, and I will make sure you’re compensated. Like Artie Flufkin I will bend over and say kick my ass.
I don’t want to screw up my reputation, right? Just remember, we are comrades, be polite, be friendly. Be punk about it.

Rather than using the webstore’s automated checkout system you can get in touch by email to place an order (or by old-school post!). And if you then Paypal me direct (‘friends & family’ – so Paypal don’t get their cut) I can give you a 5% discount. Which is nice. BUT, be warned, in the time it takes for me to spot your email it is possible in the meantime someone else will have nabbed your choices off the webstore. So it is a gamble, dependent on the popularity/quantities of your choice that are in stock.

I’m always happy to recieve phone calls, anytime of day/evening, which is another option to reserve/guarantee your choices.