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Postage for UK and overseas is worked out by the combined weight of each individual item. It should be pretty accurate, and cheap.

This is a rough indication of what to expect for UK/inland parcels:
One or two 7″s (2nd class) work out at £1.50  Three to four will be around £2.00 /  Five or more £3.50.
One to five LPs (or six, if the weight is light enough) will cost around £3.70 (if it goes 2nd class).
As long as they’re not heavy gatefold-sleeves or double albums you should get six LPs for £3.70 ok. If the combined weight goes over 2kg – which seven LPs probably will  – it becomes more expensive.

Royal Mail compensates a 1st/2nd class package up to £20.00 in value (for loss or damage).
If the value of your combined order is over £20 Royal Mail advise that you need ‘Signed For’ for an additional £1.00 (what they used to call Recorded Delivery).
This will give you better financial compensation if anything does go wrong, and it will also mean you have the added convienience of being able to keep tabs on your parcel’s progress through the Royal Mail’s online track and trace.

But it is up to you. At checkout you can take a gamble and go for the cheapest 2nd class option if you prefer – but if your parcel does go missing, anything over the £20 threshold in value, you loose, not me!
Generally, Royal Mail are very reliable. And even if you do choose the cheapest second class option I will still have proof of posting and a reference number that, if nothing else, lets you know if/when the parcel is delivered.

You should recieve your records in 100% perfect condition. I avoid flimsy record mailers for 12″s, and try to re-use thick cardboard from other sources. This protects the corners, helps stop any bending and creasing, and stops any internal movement that might split the seams of the sleeves. Physics is a bitch. But so are my packaging skills. I make sure each parcel is tight, secure, and with reinforced corners. Anything less than that and I would want to know about it. Feel free to feedback/complain!

Most record labels seal their records in polythene. In order to avoid the dreaded seam split, let me know if you want me to open the seal and place the record outside of the sleeve before posting. (Sometimes I use my own judgement and I do this automatically if I can feel that the record is a bit lose within the sealed sleeve).


I ship to the whole planet.

Get in touch and let me know if you require a low value on the customs declaration form (a value under £20 means you should avoid any tax charges).

Adding ‘Tracked and Signed’ to your order at checkout is a very sensible option. But for international parcels is it quit expensive, so it is up to you.

If you do not the pay extra money for the full compensation that comes with ‘Tracked and Signed’ you will have to take the financial loss if anything goes wrong with your parcel.



It’s always a good idea to get in touch the moment you feel a bit concerned about a delayed parcel. Believe me, I know exactly how much of a bugger it is to be left waiting in total uncertainty.
So message me  –  or phone: 01297 678979

An inbox is a messy place. Mine certainly is. If you don’t recieve an emailed reply within a suitable time frame, don’t be polite, chase me up with a poke-message.

You can try my mobile – 07854 706250 – but I don’t get proper reception here at Treason Towers. I only get good reception when I’m outdoors and away from home. Therefore, use the mobile number as a last resort.

Time delays in processing your order will be pretty unusual.
For UK customers, give it around one week before getting too alarmed if nothing has been delivered since placing your order.
For International orders wait a couple of weeks before getting in touch.

Usually, within 1-4 working days after sending payment you will have recieved an email/notification from me that a parcel is on the way to you.
Because I live in an isolated rural location I cannot get to the post office every day. I usually make the trip three times a week. Overall, the time scale for inland orders is days, not weeks.

Returns Policy

I don’t have one.
Very occassionally someone gets in touch about a record with a faulty pressing issue, or something similiar. Vinyl production is an industry fraught with imperfections, especially in DIY punk circles, where cheapness/small pressings sometimes overrides quality control. And actually, it seems to be getting worse. The pressing industry is under a lot of strain at the moment, and it might be the case that consequently standards are slipping.

Always get in touch if you have an issue. There is usually a good solution.
Remember, a big commercial set-up can afford to have a super-fast, no questions asked returns policy, because they are a big commercial set-up who make shitloads of money. Good customer services are corporate policy. As it is, with my meager budget, you merely get mediocre customer policy.
I have to get in touch with the label, and try to get hold of a replacement copy (if they are still available), all of which can involve a tedious wait, and a bit of back and forth communication. It is a chore, rarely straight forward, but generally things get sorted ok.
I will just add: before telling me that it is “a new turntable and you’ve never had this problem before” make sure you have googled ‘how to set-up your turntable tracking weight’.

If anything goes wrong with your order – whether you got a different colour of vinyl to the one you were expecting; or the postal service is bit rough handed – get in touch, and I will try to sort it out.

Just remember, we are comrades, be polite, be friendly. Be punk about it.


I know building-up a gradual stash of records for one big shipment can be super-convenient, and money-saving on postage costs, but unfortunately I need to dissuade folk from doing this as I don’t posess the storage space (or the organisational skills!).
If possible, just go ahead and order the records that you want through this webstore. No messing about.
However, reserving something either ahead of its release, or before being restocked, is a different matter – by all means, get in touch to do that.

Also, if you find yourself short of cash, and worried that you might miss out on a limited release, let me know – I’m happy to make occassional exceptions.


started in 1993 (in Manchester), moved to Dorset in 1995. Went on a long hiatus in 2003. Back again in 2018.

I mainly sell vinyl. It seems to be the most popular these days, and it is my prefered medium, and always has been, mainly because I love the sleeve artwork. But, all formats are cool. I can easily order CDs and Tapes for you, if and when they are available.
I can also get hold of countless other releases. Check the Out Of Stock pages, and let me know if you need any further information.
I don’t order in huge quantities, maybe just two or three copies per item, and so consequently things sometimes sell-out frustratingly fast. But as long as they are not too limited I can restock most titles in a pretty good time (2-4 weeks).

On the whole, I only stock releases I know and like.
Any suggestions, requests and helpful pointers are very welcome, please! (and I won’t judge, honest). I’ll be first to admit, not only is my musical taste occassionaly a little questionable, I can also be unaware and ignorant of what’s new and exciting. If you have the knowledge – please, share it!

But…. I avoid the bands with members who have been outed as creepy sex pests. Or bands who have any kind of affiliation to bigotry. Therefore all Oi! and black metal bands are guilty by association unless they make it blatantly clear to the contrary.
Sorry, them’s the rules. I can’t stand nazi apologists.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you think my prices are too high, then the obvious solution is to go to a different distro. These all rock hard:
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Inflammable Material

Environmental Concerns

In order to mitigate the horrendous pollutants that go into the manufacture of vinyl records I attempt an eco-friendly approach to packaging your orders: 90% of the time I recycle pre-used carboard and avoid buying fresh mailers. I also use water based acrylic ‘envirotape’.
(The use of ‘pre-used’ cardboard entails regular trips to local retailer’s skips. The one at the local Pets At Home is particularly useful – if ever your parcel smelt of dog biscuits, I apologise, that’s the reason why).

The manufacture of vinyl records involves shitloads of fossil fuels, chemicals (chlorine) and energy. But I’m positive one day soon an inventive soul will come up with a non plastic record that works just as well if not better than PVC.
Keep in mind, streaming online uses-up a shitload of electricity. Apparently, in terms of energy use, a vinyl album is the equivalent of around twenty streams.


Now go lay down your soul to the gods rock & roll…