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Tuesday 21st September 2021
Quite alot of new releases turned up yesterday, I’ll be processing/up-loading them all of today, so watch this space.
Two to three days wait processing/mailing-out any new orders.

Returns Policy: I don’t have one.
Every few months someone gets in touch about a record with faulty pressing issue, or something similiar. Vinyl production is an industry fraught with imperfections, especially in DIY punk circles, where cheapness/small pressings sometimes overrides quality control. And actually, it seems to be getting worse. I think the pressing industry is under a lot of strain at the moment, and it might be the case that consequently standards are slipping.

Always get in touch if you have an issue. There is usually a good solution. A bit of friendliness, mutuality, and (sometimes) patience will help get results.
Remember, a big commercial set-up can afford to have a super-fast, no questions asked, returns policy, because they are a big commercial set-up who make shitloads of money. Good customer services are corporate policy. As it is, with my meager budget, I have to get in touch with the label, and try to get hold of a replacement copy (if they are still available), all of which can involve a tedious wait, and a bit of back and forth communication. It is a chore, rarely straight forward, but generally things get sorted ok.
I will cheekily add: before telling me that it is ‘a new turntable and you’ve never had this problem before’, make sure you have googled ‘how to set-up your turntable tracking weight’.

Oh yeah, occassionally, and thankfully not too often, but it has been known to happen, especially in those rushed moments – I just make stupid mistakes. Like, sending-out the wrong record, or whatever.
In which case, no issue, I resolve it straight away, it’s my mistake so it’s my expense.

and talking of money…

Prices: you have non-profit DIY punk distros on one side; way over on the other side you have Amazon, HMV or whoever (are HMV even still going?). I try to keep to the righteous side of that scale, but I’m still trying to make a modest profit. (I don’t think the issue is that all capitalism is bad – buying and selling goods is fine with me – but rather, that all exploitation IS inherently bad. Which is a bigger topic for another day!).
I’ve got a mark-up that I apply across the board. And its a low one. My choice. Punk has always had a troubled relationship with money, and making too much of it is not a good look. Right on. Wouldn’t want it any other way.
When an album is priced over £20 it provokes a sharp intake of breath. Yes, me too.
Prices are always creeping higher. It is not due to me increasing my mark-up. It is due to record manufacturing getting ever more expensive. You’ve also got to factor in economic variables such as inflation, £/$ exchange rates, post Brexit VAT, freight costs, blah, blah.
I always keep in mind, as a comparison gauge, how much you have to pay for a pint on a misguided night-out in London. As in, a fleeting glass of liquid, or a 7″ record? (You can do both, of course. And you can also complain about the price of both – just not too often, or too loudly. Right?)

It’s a big subject, and now it not the time or place, but just so you know: £25 for an LP!? £10 for a 7″?! I share the pain… And I also presume, with good faith, that the record label have a sound reason for their price increases.

And, you know to shop around. Another cool set-up might have something I’m selling for a few quid cheaper, (and vice versa). So always keep your eye on Static Shock, Quality Control, La Vida Es Un Mus, Specialist Subject, Crew Cuts Records, Urinal Vinyl etc. etc. Because they’re fucking great!

Keep communication old school and simple. If possible stick with email (or telephone).
An inbox is a messy place. Mine certainly is. If you don’t recieve an emailed reply within a suitable time frame, don’t be polite, chase me up with a poke-message.
Avoid Facebook and Instagram for back-and-forth communication purposes.


telephone: 01297 678979

You can try my mobile – 07854 706250 – but I don’t get proper reception here at Treason Towers. I only get good reception when I’m outdoors and away from home. Therefore, use the mobile number as a last resort.

Here for your special needs.
Land Of Treason Distro serves you right.
Buy whatever you bloody well like.

Current in-house playlist:
King Woman, Gulch, School Drugs, Turnstile, Dare, The Bug Amyl And The Sniffers (yeah, i know – suprised me too).

New Arrivals:

Tuesday 21st September 2021

NEW releases and re-stocks from Ebullition, Rough Trade, Havoc, Prank, Crew Cuts, Beach Impediment, 11 PM, Distort Reality, Tank Crimes, etc.

Wednesday 8th September
Relapse Records restocks and new additions:
Baroness “Blue Record” double LP
Baroness “Yellow & Green” double LP
Death “Human” LP
Death “Scream Bloody Gore” LP
Death “Spiritual Healing” LP
Death “Leprosy” LP
Death “The Sound Of Perseverance” double LP
Full of Hell “Weeping Choir” LP
High on Fire “Blessed Black Wings” double LP
High on Fire “Death Is This Communion” double LP
High on Fire “Surrounded By Thieves” double LP
Iron Monkey “9-13” LP
King Woman “Celestial Blues” LP
King Woman “Created in the Image of Suffering” LP
Mastodon “Call of the Mastodon” LP
Mastodon “Leviathan” LP
Red Fang “Arrows” LP
Red Fang “Murder The Mountains” LP
Red Fang “Whales and Leeches” LP (sold out)
Repulsion “Horrified” LP
S.H.I. “4 死 Death” LP
Torche “Restarter” LP (sold out)
Unkind “Pelon Juuret” LP
Trappist “Ancient Brewing Tactics” LP
Amorphis “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” LP
Pig Destroyer “Terrifyer” LP (sold out)


Due sometime soon…
Snag “Death Doula” LP
Dare “Against All Odds” LP (Revelation)
Sun Crow “Quest For Oblivion” LP
Chemical Fix “Our Shade Casts Far” LP (Safe Inside)
Zulu “My People… Hold On / Our Day Will Come” LP (Flatspot)
Ekulu “Unscrew My Head” LP
Slant “Volume 1” LP “Iron Lung”
Bad Brains”Rock For Light” LP
One Step Closer “This Place You Know” LP (Run For Cover)
Chain Whip “Two Step To Hell” LP (Neon Taste)
Imploders “s/t” 7″ (Neon Taste)
Ingrown “Gun” (Alternatives) LP
Modern Life Is War “My Love. My Way.”
Neon Christ “1984” LP (Southern Lord)
7 Seconds “Blasts From The Past” 7″ (Lifeline)
7 Seconds “Committed For Life” 7″ (Lifeline)
7 Seconds “Skins, Brains & Guts” 7″ (Lifeline)
Dicks “Peace?” 7″ (Alternative Tentacles)
Screamers “Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977” LP (Superior Viaduct)
Headcount “Imprint” LP (Safe Inside)
With Honor “Heart Means Everything” LP (Pure Noise)

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