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Monday 15th August 2022
Two-three day’s wait processing/mailing-out new orders.

I’m always available for any enquiries, anytime, at: 01297678979

Current in-house playlist:
Darkness Everywhere, Rigorous Institution, Praise, Candy, Method of Doubt, Cave In, Blind Eye, Bent Blue

Sometimes when I’m pushed for time I add/upload new releases and new restocks direct into the store without listing them below. Rather than miss out, it’s a good idea, when you have the time, to scroll through the entire shop. Or take a quick look at the “NEW!” category occasionally.

It’s also worth checking through the “Out Of Stock” pages too, as I update it with new info on a regular basis.

New Arrivals:

Wednesday 10th August 2022
Black Heart Fades Blue, Vol.1” Jerry A Lang book
Also added: assorted New/not so new Grahic Novels

3rd August
Fixation “The Secrets We Keep” LP (sold out)
Fractured / Life’s Torment Split 7″ (sold out)
Fright self-titled LP (sold out)
Inside Out “No Spiritual Surrender” repress 7″ (sold out)
L.I.B. “Men’s Health” LP
Mindz Eye “True Blue” 7″
Moral Law “The Looming End” LP (sold out)
Off! “Four Four EPs” repress LP (sold out)
Pariiah “Swallowed By Fog” LP (sold out)
Sado-Nation “s/t” repress 7″
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” repress LP (sold out)
These Arms Are Snakes “Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps…” repress LP
Turning Point T-Shirts
Unit Pride “Then And Now” repress LP

New additions and restocks:
American Nightmare “When We Were Young” 7″
Angry Samoans “Back From Samoa” LP (sold out)
Angry Samoans “Inside My Brain” LP (sold out)
Big Black “Songs About Fucking” LP
Christie Front Drive “s/t: 25th Anniversary Edition” LP
Cross My Heart self-titled LP (sold out)
Cross My Heart “Temporary Contemporary” LP (sold out)
Dag Nasty “Flame” T-Shirt
Drain “California Cursed” LP
Drain “California Hardcore” T-Shirt (sold out)
Drain “Rev Logo” T-Shirt
Drug Church “Cheer” LP (sold out)
Drug Church “Hygiene” LP
Drug Church “Tawny” 12″ EP (sold out)
Enforced “At The Walls: Deluxe Edition” LP (sold out)
No Plan self-titled LP
Outburst “Miles To Go” LP
Peace Test “Pry” LP
Poison Idea “Darby Crash Ride Again: The Early Years” LP
Poison Idea “War All The Time” LP
Praise “Leave It All Behind” 12″ EP
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” CD
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” Cassette Tape
Sick Of It All “s/t” 7″
Skullcrack “Addicted To The Underground” LP
Token Entry “From Beneath The Streets” LP
Turning Point self-titled 7″
Up Front “Spirit” LP
Verbal Abuse “Just An American Band” LP
Verbal Assault “Trial” LP
Void “Decomposer” T-Shirts
Wolfbrigade “A D-Beat Odyssey” LP
Youth Of Today “Break Down The Walls” LP

Thursday 28th July
Blind Eye “Decomposed” LP


Lincoln “Repair and Reward” LP (Temporary Residence)
Shai Hulud “A Profound Hatred Of Man” repress LP (Revelation)
Shai Hulud “Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion” repress LP (Revelation)
Shai Hulud “That Within Blood Ill-Tempered” repress LP (Revelation)
The Catatonics “Hunted Down” repress LP (Southern Lord)
End It “Unpleasant Living” LP (Flatspot)
Speed “Gang Called Speed” LP (Flatspot)
World Peace / Blame God Split 7″ (Twelve Gauge)
awakebutstillinbed / For Your Health “Hymns For The Scorned” split 7″ (Twelve Gauge)
Zous “No Ground To Give” LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Regulate self-titled LP (Flatspot)
Bent Blue “Where Do Ripples Go?” LP (War Records)

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