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Friday 3rd December 2021
One to two days wait processing/mailing-out any new orders.
Next post office trip might be later today, or Saturday morning.

Christmas post
The Royal Mail’s last guaranteed posting dates for the 25th are:
Saturday 18th for second class;
Tuesday 21st for first class.
International destinations vary, for mainland Europe it’s around about the 16th December.

If you place a last minute order for a christmas gift give me a little note with your order (at checkout), and I’ll make sure it gets to you ok.
The distro tends to get busier around the days and weeks after christmas (rather than the days leading up to it), so I’ll be working/carrying-on as usual throughout the holiday period. And lets face it, the most godlessly boring time of the year, being busy with distro work will be even more of a blessing than usual, ha-ha.

Anyone who is exploring this store in search of a suitable present for a friend/loved one might feel a bit overwhelmed if this type of music ain’t your bag so by all means, if it is a bewildering struggle, get in touch and ask for some consumer advice…

Call me (Pete) on: 01297 678979

or message me at: osmond.pete@googlemail.com

As a general guide for gifts, these books are a pretty safe bet – in that they are broadly popular, recent, and light(-ish) in subject matter:
Better Never Than Late,
Burning Down The Haus,
Hard Times,
I’m Not Holding Your Coat,
Electric Wizards

Remember: christmas postal service gets congested and chaotic, adding ‘signed for’ to your order’s postage cost at checkout is more advisable than ever.
A parcel without ‘signed for’ will only recieve a max of £20 on a successful Royal Mail insurance claim.
It’s your gamble, my reckless sweetlings.

Damaged Goods
I have listed around twenty records on Discogs that have suffered sleeve damage. The prices are marked down accordingly. A box of records must have taken a fall onto one corner somewhere in transit from the US. With most of them you wouldn’t notice the damage at first glance, only a couple are visibly obvious.
My Discogs shop is more expensive than here on the webstore, so message me if you want anything and I can sort you out with a slightly cheaper price and postage rate (or add them to your current order).
I can send you photos of the damage, no problem.
They include various LPs by Neighborhood Brats, various titles on Schizphrenic Records (D.O.N.D.O.N. and Fratricde LPs), along with titles on Water Wing Records (Kleenex, Poison Girls, Androids Of Mu), and other titles by Christ On Parade, Noothgrush, Paranoid…
Eventually they will be returned from whence they came, but it would be good to get homes for them without having to go to the hassle of shipping them back to the US.
Go here

Pressing Plant hold-ups
It’s common knowledge that the pressing plant industry is in a crappy state of affairs these days. Hopefully it will shift in the near future. But in the meantime, a lot of independent releases are taking forever to appear… and then dissapear almost straight away, back to the back of the queue, waiting for a repress maybe a year later. It’s proper exasperating. And worse still, prices continue to go up. I know, puts these Covid shenanigans into a whole new perspective.

People within the industry blame this bottlekneck in the manufacturing of vinyl on the huge popularity of recent albums by ABBA and Adele. However, Adele reponded in a recent interview:
“I don’t know why people are blaming me. It’s so obvious that the problem is caused by La Vida Es Un Mus. Shit-out, that label breeds records like fucking rabbits”
Meanwhile, Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA was heard to exclaim:
“No way. La Vida Es Un Mus are even releasing the entire Rudimentary Penis back catalogue now. Fucking unbelieveable”.

Here for your special needs.
Land Of Treason Distro serves you right.
Buy whatever you bloody well like.

Current in-house playlist:
King Woman, Dare, Ingrown, High Praise, Zig Zag, Fucked Up, Waste Man, Straw Man Army, One Step Closer, Strangelight, Filth is Eternal, Spirit World

Go in peace, muthafuckas (but make it loud)

New Arrivals:

Wednesday 1st December 2021
Møl “Diorama” LP (Nuclear Blast) (sold out)
Monolord “Your Time to Shine” LP (Relapse)
Government Issue “Make An Effort” 7″ (Dr Strange)
Dead Wretched “No Hope For You” LP (Havoc)

Friday 19th November
Black Sabbath “Paranoid” LP
Black Sabbath s/t LP
Black Sabbath “Volume Four” LP
Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” LP
Cancer “To the Gory End” LP (Peaceville)
Dying Fetus “Purification Through Violence” LP (Relapse)
High on Fire “Blessed Black Wings” Double LP (Relapse)
Red Fang “Arrows” LP (Relapse)
Frozen Soul “Encased in Ice” LP (Century Media)
Wolves in the Throne Room “Primordial Arcana” LP (Century Media)
High on Fire “The Art of Self Defense” Double LP (Southern Lord)
Nightfell “The Living Ever Mourn” LP (Southern Lord)
Obliterations “Poison Everything” LP (Southern Lord) (sold out)
Offenders “Endless Struggle/We Must Rebel” Double LP (Southern Lord) (sold out)
Power Trip “Nightmare Logic” LP (Southern Lord)
Sarabante “Poisonous Legacy” LP (Southern Lord)
Warhorse “As Heaven Turns to Ash” Double LP (Southern Lord)

Thursday 17th November
New releases:
7 Seconds “Blasts From The Past” 7″ repress
Bad Brains “Rock For Light” LP repress (sold out, due back soon)
Chaos UK s/t LP repress
Chemical Fix “Our Shade Casts Far” LP (sold out, due back soon)
Dividing Line, The “Owe You Nothing” LP
Headcount “Imprint” LP
Pinhead Gunpowder “Carry The Banner” LP repress
Skullcrack “Bring Back The Guillotine” LP
108 “Threefold Misery” LP
7 Seconds “The Crew: Deluxe Edition” LP
Agression “The Best Of” LP
Bad Brains s/t LP (sold out, due back soon)
Bad Religion “Against The Grain” LP (sold out)
Bad Religion “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?” LP
Battery “For The Rejected By The Rejected” LP
Bl’ast! “Take The Manic Ride” LP
Circle Jerks “Group Sex: 40th Anniversary Edition” LP
D.R.I. “Violent Pacification” 7″
Everybody’s Scene: The Story Of Connecticut’s Anthrax Club” Book
Farside “The Monroe Doctrine” LP
Hard Stance “Foundation: The Discography” LP
Ignite “Past Our Means” LP
Ill Repute “The 1982 Demos” LP
MDC “Millions Of Dead Cops: Millennium Edition” LP
Minutemen “Paranoid Time” 7″
Neon Christ “1984” LP (sold out, due back soon)
No Warning “s/t” 7″
Poison Idea “Feel The Darkness” Double LP (sold out, due back soon)
Rain Like The Sound Of Trains “Singles” LP
School Drugs “Visitation” 7″
Screamers “Screamers Demo Hollywood” LP
Sense Field “Building” LP
Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation” Double LP
United Nations s/t LP (sold out, due back soon)
Up Front “Spirit” LP
Violent Reaction “Marching On” LP (sold out)
Zero Boys “Vicious Circle” LP

Tuesday 16th November
New releases:
ACxDC / Pig City split 7″
Cryptic Void “Post Human Godhood” 7″
Death Toll 80k “The Future Is Yours” LP
Electric Chair “Social Capital” 7″
Lacerate s/t LP
Nasti “Life Is Nasti” LP
Nightfeeder – s/t 7″ (Black Water Records)
Prince Midnight s/t 7″
Strangelight “Adult Themes” LP
Zorn “Hardcore Zorn” 7″

Blackwater Records
Age “Survive” 7″
Age “The Scar of Lead” LP
Bi Marks “If You Can’t Swim” LP
Bi Marks “Sleeper” 7″
Dead Hunt s/t LP
Deathraid “All Life Ends” LP
Destripados “Gutless” LP
Disarray “1982-1986” LP
Estranged / Public Eye splt 7″
Final Warning “Demonstration 1983″ 7”
Hellshock “Ghosts of The Past Demo” LP (sold out)
Hellshock “Low Men In Yellow Cloaks” 7″
Lebenden Toten “Mind Parasites” LP
Lebenden Toten “Near Dark” LP
Sista Kriget “8 Track Horror” 7″ (sold out)
Syndrome 81 “Beton Nostalgie” LP
Unarm “Myth or Reality 311” LP
Warchild “Haunting Images of Human Tragedy” LP
Warcry “Needle Zero Drone II” 7″

Monday 15th Novemer
Accused “Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told” LP
Accused “More fun than an Open Casket Funeral” LP
Accused “The Return of Martha Splatterhead” LP
Amber Inn “All Roads Lead Home” LP (sold out)
Annihilation Time self-titled CD
Destructors “Electronic Church” 7″
Econochrist “Discography” CD
Econochrist “Skewed” 7″
Fucked Up “Litany” 7″
Ghoul “Wall Of Death” 7″
Lethal Means “Zero Sum Game” LP
Manumission “Diego Rivera” 7″
Moderat Likvidation “Nitad” 7″ (sold out)
Necrot “Mortal” LP (Picture Disc Version)
Propagandhi / Sacrifice “Anthem & Technocracy split” 7″ (sold out)
Siege “Drop Dead: 30th Anniversary” cassette tape
State “No Illusions” 7″
Steel Bearing Hand “Slay In Hell” LP
Totalitar “Sin Egen Motstandare” LP
Yaphet Kotto “The Killer Was in The…” CD (sold out)
Various “Nardcore” LP (cheaper than before!) (sold out)

Wednesday 10th November
Spirit World “Pagan Rhythms” LP repress
Mastodon “Hushed And Grim” Double LP
Frozen Soul “Crypt Of Ice” LP
Every Time I Die “Radical” Double LP
Kylesa “Time Will Fuse Its Worth” LP repress
Fucked Up “Dose Your Dreams” Double LP (sold out)
Babylon’s Burning” Book
Joy Division: Juvenes” Book
Noam Chomsky “The Precipice” Book
The Law in 60 Seconds : A Pocket Guide to Your Rights” Book
Humankind : A Hopeful History” Book (paperback version)
Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks” Book
Mutations : The Many Strange Faces of Hardcore Punk” Book (sold out)


Early December:
Green Lung “Woodland Rites” LP (Svart)
Green Lung “Black Harvest” LP restock (Svart)
Kovaa Rasvaa “Tasaluvulla tulevaisuuteen” LP (Svart)
Obnoxious Youth “Mouths Sewn Shut” LP (Svart)
Game “Legerdemain” LP (QC Control)
Dare “Against All Odds” LP (Revelation)
SFA “The 87-88 Tapes” LP (State of Mind Recordings)
Daughters “Canada Songs” LP repress (Robotic Empire)
Leatherface “Mush” repress LP

The Armed “Ultrapop” LP (Sargent House)
Fever Strike “Spin” LP (Patient Zero Records)
Time And Pressure “Halfway Down” LP (Safe Inside)
Jeromes Dream “Presents” LP (Iodine)
Fucked Up “Epics In Minutes” LP (Get Better)
Greet Death “In Heaven // Your Lull” 7″ (deathwish)
Portrayal Of Guilt “Chirstfucker” LP (Run For Cover)
Bloodquest – s/t LP (Protaganist/King Of The Monsters)
Chain Whip “Two Step To Hell” LP (Neon Taste)
Converge “Bloodmoon: I” LP (Deathwish)
Zulu “My People… Hold On / Our Day Will Come” LP/CD (Flatspot)
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” LP/CD (Flatspot)
Ekulu “Unscrew My Head” LP

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