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Saturday 19th June

Busy elsewhere for a few days. Will be catching-up with weekend orders on tuesday. (Shipments are due to arrive monday-wednesday, too). Three to four days wait processing/mailing-out any new orders.

Keep communication old school and simple. If possible stick with email (or telephone).
An inbox is a messy place. Mine certainly is. If you don’t recieve an emailed reply within a suitable time frame, don’t be polite, chase me up with a poke-message.
Avoid Facebook and Instagram for back-and-forth communication purposes. In fact, avoid FB and Instagram for all purposes. They are wank.


telephone: 01297 678979

You can try my mobile – 07854 706250 – but I don’t get proper reception here at Treason Towers. I only get good reception when I’m outdoors and away from home. Therefore, use the mobile number as a last resort. Texting is ok, but not as efficient as email (I swear outloud in annoyance 5.6 times more when texting compared to keyboard typing. Fact.)

Send me your flyers! Print images and words onto paper and distribute them to the masses. Send me a wad of ’em and I will pass them on. And it will make me very happy.

Here for your special needs.
Land Of Treason Distro serves you right.
Buy whatever you bloody well like.

To Wit:

New Arrivals:

Saturday 19th 2021
New Arrivals:
Lee Perry “Africa’s Blood” repress LP
Fela Kuti “Coffin for Head of State” LP
Fela Kuti “Roforofo Fight” LP
Napalm Death “Time Waits for No Slave” repress LP

14th June
New releases:
Blood From The Soul “DSM-5” LP
Ceremony “The Doldrums (Friendly City)” 7″EP
Colonial Wound “Degradation” LP (sold out)
In for the first time:
Blacklisted “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God” LP
Bossk “Audio Noir” LP
Burn “Do Or Die” LP (sold out)
Cult Leader “Nothing For Us Here” 12″
Dropdead “Skull” Black T-Shirt
Dropdead “Teeth” Black T-Shirt
Integrity “The Blackest Curse” LP (sold out)
Modern Life Is War “Fever Hunting” LP
Modern Life Is War “Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 2” 7″EP (sold out)
Self Defense Family “The Corrections Officer In Me” 12″ EP (sold out)
Torso “You’ll Never Break Me” Large Hoodie
Converge “You Fail Me Redux” LP (sold out)
Cult Leader “A Patient Man” LP
Destruct “Echoes Of Life” LP
End “Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face” LP
Frail Hands “parted/departed/apart” LP (sold out)
Gouge Away “Burnt Sugar” LP
Loma Prieta “Life/Less” LP (sold out)
Modern Life Is War “Witness Reissue” LP
Modern Life Is War “Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 1” 7″EP (sold out)
Mortality Rate “You Were The Gasoline” 7″EP
Planes Mistaken For Stars “Mercy” LP
Rough Francis “Urgent Care” LP
Self Defense Family “Heaven Is Earth”
Self Defense Family “Indoor Wind Chimes” 7″ EP
Swing Kids “Anthology” LP
Touche Amore “Is Survived By” LP
Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” LP
Trapped Under Ice “Secrets Of The World” LP
Wound Man “Perimeter” LP

11th June
New releases/restocks from Static Shock Records and Iron Lung Records

4th June
Dischord restocks
Bad Brains self-titled ROIR LP (Bad Brains Records)
Dag Nasty – “Dag With Shawn” clear vinyl repress LP (sold out due back soon)
Dag Nasty “Cold Heart” 7″ repress (Dischord) (sold out due back soon)
Jawbox self-titled LP repress (Desoto)
Fugazi self-titled 12″ red vinyl repress (Dischord)

Squid “Bright Green Field” LP
Special Interest “Trust No Wave” LP
Joyce Manor “Songs from Northern Torrence” LP
Red Fang “Arrows” LP (sold out)
Enforced “Kill Grid” LOP (restock)
Black Sabbath “Master of Reality” LP
Black Sabbath “Volume Four” LP
The Ex “Disturbing Domestic Peace” LP & 7″
Archers of Loaf “Icky Mettle” LP
Japandroids “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” LP
L7 self-titled LP (Epitaph)
La Dispute “Panorama” LP

28th May
Fiddlehead “Between The Richness” LP
Fiddlehead “Springtime And Blind” LP (sold out)
Fury “Failed Entertainment” LP

26th May
New releases:
Gorilla Biscuits Re-Action Figure
Outburst “Miles To Go” LP
Pinhead Gunpowder “Jump Salty” LP
Slipknot “s/t” Revelation 7″
In for the first time:
Bad Brains “I Against I” LP
Bl’ast! “Blood!” LP
Disfear “Live The Storm” LP (sold out)
Excel “Split Image” LP
Excel “The Joke’s On You” LP
Minutemen “Paranoid Time” 7″
Saint Vitus “Mournful Cries” LP
Skitsystem “Stigmata” LP (sold out)
Sleep “The Clarity” 12″
Various “New York Hardcore: Where The Wild Things Are” LP (sold out)
The Weirdos “Weird World Volume One: 1977-1981” LP (sold out)
Year Of The Knife “Ultimate Aggression” LP
Adolescents self-titled LP
Agression “SSL” LP (sold out)
Black Flag “Damaged” LP
Boysetsfire “This Crying, This Screaming…” LP & flexi
Chain Reaction “Figurehead” LP
D.R.I. “Dirty Rotten EP” 7″ (sold out)
D.R.I. “Violent Pacification” (sold out)
Dead Heat “Certain Death” LP (sold out)
Die Kreuzen “Cows And Beer” 7″
Dillinger Escape Plan “Irony Is A Dead Scene” 12″ep
Drug Church “Cheer” LP
Exhumed/Gatecreeper “Split” 10″
G.L.O.S.S. “Trans Day Of Revenge” 7″
Gulch “Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath//Demolition Of
Human Construct” 12″
Insted “Proud Youth: 1986-1991”
Stimulators “LOUD Fast Rules!” 7″
Suicidal Tendencies “s/t” LP
Sunny Day Real Estate “Diary” LP
Turnstile “Time & Space” LP
Revelation Records various restocks


Due sometime soon…
Be All End All “Pact Music” LP (Triple B)
Dead Heat “World At War” LP (Triple B)
Pillars of Ivory “The Biblical Scripturez” LP (Triple B)
Wild Side “Who The Hell Is Wild Side?” repress LP (Triple B)
Mindforce / Dead Heat Split 12″ repress (Triple B)
Militarie Gun “All Roads Lead To The Gun” LP (Alternative Label)
Iceburn “Asclepius” LP (Southern Lord)
Drug Church “Tawny” LP (Pure Noise)
Unsane “Improvised Munitions & Demo” LP
Slant “Volume 1” LP “Iron Lung”
Portrayal Of Guilt “We Are Always Alone” LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Screamers “Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977” LP repress (Superior Viaduct)
Blunt Razors “Early Aught” LP (Deathwish)
Bossk “Migration” LP (Deathwish)
Obstruktion “Monarchs Of Decay” LP (Isolation)
Honey “Forever Fire” LP (Hell Minded)
7 Seconds “The Crew: Deluxe Edition” repress LP (Trust)
Rudimentary Peni “Great War” LP (Sealed)
Bad Brains”Rock For Light” LP
Bad Brains “I and I Survive” 12″
Chemical Fix “Our Shade Casts Far” LP (Safe Inside)

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