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Wednesday 26th January 2022
Two days wait processing/mailing-out new orders. Next post office trip will be Wednesday afternoon.

Here for your special needs.
Land Of Treason Distro serves you right.
Buy whatever you bloody well like.

Current in-house playlist:
King Woman, Dare, Ingrown, Scowl, Zulu, Method Of Doubt, Bloodquest, Game, Koma

New Arrivals:

Wednesday 26th January 2022
New Releases:
Bloodquest “Bloodquest” 12″EP
Celeste “Assassine(s)” LP
Converge “Bloodmoon: I” CD
Converge “No Heroes” LP repress
Earthless “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons” LP
Hawkwind “Sonic Attack” LP & 7″ repress
Modern Life Is War “Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 3″ 7”
Scowl “How Flowers Grow” CD
Converge “Bloodmoon: I” Navy T-Shirt
Converge “Coil” Black T-Shirt
“Black Magick” Black T-Shirt
Restocks/new additions:
All Pigs Must Die “Curse Of Humanity” 7″
Antidote “Thou Shalt Not Kill” LP
Black Country, New Road “For The First Time” LP
Blacklisted “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God” LP
Blunt Razors “Early Aught” LP
Breakdown “The ’87 Demo” LP
Change “Closer Still” LP
Civic “Future Forecast” LP
Corrosion of Conformity “Blind” 30th Anniversary double LP
Cursed “III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep” LP
Deafheaven “Sunbather” double LP
Drug Church “Cheer” LP
Elle “Self Titled” LP
Elle “She” LP
End Of A Year “You Are Beneath Me” LP
Eyes Flys “Exigent Circumstance” LP
Fireburn “Don’t Stop The Youth” LP
Frail Hands “parted/departed/apart” LP
Frameworks “Smother” LP
Fucked Up “Dose Your Dreams” LP
Gatecreeper “An Unexpected Reality” LP
Ghost Spirit “Hourglass” LP
Ghost Spirit & Frail Hands “Split” LP
Gouge Away “Burnt Sugar” LP
Greet Death “New Hell” LP
Hard To Swallow “Self Titled” LP
Iron Chic “You Can’t Stay Here” LP
Ithaca “The Language of Injury” LP
Krieg Kopf “War On Terrorism” LP
Loma Prieta “Life/Less” LP
Loma Prieta “Self Portrait” LP
Militarie Gun “My Life Is Over” 7″EP
Modern Life Is War “Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 2″ 7”
Morne “Asylum” double LP
Morne “Shadows” LP
Nothing “Dance On the Blacktop” LP
Planes Mistaken For Stars “Mercy” LP
Punch “They Don’t Have To Believe” LP
Rated X “United Front” LP
Regional Justice Center “Crime and Punishment” LP
Self Defense Family “Heaven Is Earth” LP
Self Defense Family “Try Me” LP
Sugar “Copper Blue” LP
Trapped Under Ice “Big Kiss Goodnight” LP
Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold” 7″EP
Veil II “Negative Space” 7″EP
Victims & Kylesa “Split” 7″EP
Yautja “The Lurch” LP

Saturday 8th January 2022
New Releases:
Jalang “Santau” LP (Ruin Nation) (sold out)
Extinction Of Mankind “Baptised In Shit” repress LP (sold out)
Embittered  “Infected” (Discography 1989 – 1995) Double LP
Warcollapse “Bound To Die” 7″
Restocks/new additions:
Cross Stitched Eyes “Decomposition” LP
Cross Stitched Eyes “Autosarcophagy” LP (purple and silver vinyl)
Detestation self-titled LP (sold out)
Disaffect “Still Chained” (Discography) double LP
Crude “Drug Culture” LP
Disfear “Live The Storm” LP (sold out)
Instigators “The Blood Is On Your Hands” LP
Kafka Process “Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike” LP (sold out)
Dystopia self-titled LP
Nightmärr “On Fire” LP (sold out)
Hellkrusher “Human Misery” LP
Morne “Rust” LP
Nightmare “Give Notice Of Nightmare” LP (sold out)
Nightmare “Thirsty And Wander” LP
Tragedy “Vengeance” LP
Oi Polloi “Saorsa” LP (sold out)
Quarantine (UK) “Regressive Thoughts (Anthology)” double LP
Warcollapse “Deserts Of Ash” LP (sold out)


Cloakroom “Dissolution Wave” LP (Relapse)
Scarecrow “Raise the Death’s Head” 10″ (Relapse)
YOB “Clearing the Path to Ascend” LP (Relpase)
Outer Heaven “In Tribute…” LP (Relapse)
Nothing “The Great Dismal B-Sides” LP (Relapse)
Dag Nasty “Can I Say” LP coloured repress (Dischord)

Later in the new year:
Converge “Bloodmoon: I” LP (Deathwish)
Converge “You Fail Me Redux” LP repress (Deathwish)
Anti Cimex “The 4 x 7″ EPs Collection” 7″ Box Set (Agipunk) (held-up till new year)
Vein.fm “This World Is Going To Ruin You” LP (Closed Casket Activities)(Deathwish exclusive)
Incendiary “Thousand Mile Stare” LP repress (Closed Casket Activities)
Ekulu “Unscrew My Head” LP (Cash Only) (Rev exclusive)
The Armed “Ultrapop” LP (Sargent House)
Bad Brains “Quickness” repress LP
Abrasion “Born To Be Betrayed” LP (Indecision)
Time And Pressure “Halfway Down” LP (Safe Inside)
Fucked Up “Epics In Minutes” LP (Get Better)
Portrayal Of Guilt “Chirstfucker” LP (Run For Cover)

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