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Saturday 8th May:
Bloody hell, what shitty weather. Two days wait processing/mailing-out any new orders.

Keep communication old school and simple. If possible stick with email (or telephone).
An inbox is a messy place. Mine certainly is. If you don’t recieve a reply within a suitable time frame, don’t be polite, chase me up with a poke-message.
Avoid Facebook and Instagram for back-and-forth communication purposes. In fact, avoid FB and Instagram for all purposes. They are wank.


telephone: 01297 678979

You can try my mobile – 07854 706250 – but I don’t get proper reception here at Treason Towers. I only get reception when I’m outdoors and away from home. Therefore, use the mobile number as a last resort. Texting is ok, but not as efficient as email (I swear outloud in annoyance 5.6 times more when texting compared to keyboard typing. Fact.)

Send me your flyers! Print images and words onto paper and distribute them to the masses. Send me a wad of ’em and I will pass them on. And it will make me very happy.

Here for your special needs.
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To Wit:

New Arrivals:

Wednesday 5th May 2012
Abrasion “Demonstration” 7″
Adolescents “Welcome To Reality” 10″
All Out War “Give Us Extinction” LP
Buggin “Brainfreeze b/w Gratitude” 7″ flexi
Buried Alive “Death Will Find You” 7″
By The Grace Of God “Perspective” LP
Christie Front Drive “First LP” LP
Citizens Arrest “Colossus” LP (sold out)
Constant Elevation “Freedom Beach” 7″
Die Kreuzen “October File” LP
Disorder “Perdition” 12″ep
Dry Socket “Shiver” 7″
End Of A Year “You Are Beneath Me” LP
Envy “Atheist’s Cornea” LP (sold out)
Fall Silent “You Knew I Was Poison” LP (sold out)
Farside “Keep My Soul Awake” 7″
Gone Wrong “All Your Rage” 7″
Hatebreed “Under The Knife” 7″
Holy Hands “Ignition Songs” LP
I’m Not Holding Your Coat (by Barile, Nancy) Book (sold out)
Ill Communication “Ode To The Old Gods ” Tape Cassette
Integrity “In Contrast Of Sin” 7″
Jesus Piece “S/T” 7″
Last Rights “Chunks” 7”
Mouthpiece “Can’t Kill What’s Inside” LP
Move “Freedom Dreams” 7″ (sold out)
Nisses Notter “Det Ar Krig (83 to 85) LP
No Escape “Selective Punches” LP
No For An Answer “You Laugh” 7″ repress
Nothing “The Great Dismal” LP
Overcast “Fight Ambition To Kill”
Power Trip “Opening Fire: 2008 – 2014” LP
Rated X “United Front” LP
Red Fang “Only Ghosts” LP
Red Hare “Little Acts Of Destruction” LP
Regional Justice Center “Crime And Punishment” LP (sold out – sorry!)
Regional Justice Center “KKK Tattoo” 7″
SeeYouSpaceCowboy “The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds” LP (sold out)
Seized Up “Brace Yourself” LP
Somerset Thrower “Godspeed” LP (sold out)
Spine “L.O.V.” LP
Stone Fleet “S/T” 7″
Up Front “Spirit” LP
Various “New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is” LP repress
World Be Free “One Time For Unity” LP
World Be Free “The Anti-Circle” LP
World Peace “Come And See” LP (sold out)
Youth Of Today “Break Down The Walls” LP repress (sold out)
Zouo “Agony Remains” LP (sold out)

Tuesday 4th April
Rata Negra “Una Vida Vulgar” LP
Nervous SS / Rat Cage “Skopje VS Sheffield” Split LP
Restocks from La Vida Es Un Mus

Friday 30th April
Dollhouse “The First Day Of Spring” 7” (Toxic State) (sold out)
Fairytale s/t 7″ (Desolate)
Seized Up “Marching Down The Spiral” 7″
Warchild “No Victory In Death” 7” (Black Water)
Wet Specimens / Cartridge Split 7″
Various “A Tribute To Capitalist Casualties” LP (sold out)
Chain Reaction “Figurehead” LP (Atomic Action) (sold out)
Dephosphorus “Sublimation” LP
Hakuchi “The Best Works 1991 to 1994” (Black Water)
M.A.Z.E. II LP (Lumpy) (sold out)
Siege “Drop Dead” LP repress
Socioclast s/t LP (Carbonized)
There Were Wires “Somnambulists” LP
Restocks from Ebullition Records
Restocks from Havoc Records
Restocks from 625 Thrash Records
Restocks from Beach Impediment
Restocks/new titles from Deep Six Records
plus other restocks from other labels (you’ll have to seek them out yourselves)

Wednesday 28th April
Mastodon “Blood Mountain” LP
Sleep “Sleep’s Holy Mountain” LP
Terrorizer “World Downfall” LP
Sepultura “Arise” LP
The Young Gods s/t LP
Fela Kuti “Zombie” LP (sold out)
The Slits “Cut” LP
The Cool Greenhouse LP
Melvins “Gluey Porch Treatments” LP
Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” LP (sold out)
Swans “Children of God” LP
Dazzling Killmen “Face of Collapse” double LP

Friday 16th April 2021
Germs “(MIA) The Complete Anthology” Double LP
Antisect “The Rising Of The Lights” LP
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers ‎”The Furious Era 1979-1987″ Double LP (sold out)
Envy “The Fallen Crimson” Double LP
Capricorns self-titled 12″
Damnation A.D. “Kingdom Of Lost Souls” LP
Electric Wizard “Let Us Prey” Double LP
Fuerza Bruta “Verdugo” LP
Hüsker Dü “The Living End” live Double LP (sold out)
Moving Targets “Burning In Water” LP (sold out)
Mission Of Burma “Peking Spring” LP (sold out)
Plague Years “Circle Of Darkness” LP


Due in the second week of May (come on Parcelforce, you can do it, you less than useless buggers):
Anti Cimex “The Complete Demos 1982-1983” LP
Disaffect “Still Chained (Discography)” double LP
Misery “From Where The Sun Never Shines” double LP
Cross Stitched Eyes “Autosarcophagy” 12″ (Ruin Nation)
Extinctexist “Anthropocene” LP (Ruin Nation)
LÁI 来 “Pontianak” LP (Ruin Nation)
Vicious Irene “Sacrifice” LP (Ruin Nation)
Tragedy “Vengeance” LP

Due soon:
Fiddlehead “Between The Richness” LP (Run For Cover)
Rudimentary Peni “Great War” LP (Sealed)
Slant “Volume 1” LP “Iron Lung”
Outburst “Miles To Go” LP (Blackout)
Blood From The Soul “DSM-5” LP (Deathwish)
Portrayal Of Guilt “We Are Always Alone” LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Screamers “Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977” LP repress (Superior Viaduct)
Dahmer “The Studio Sessions” double LP (Doomsday Machine Records)
Blunt Razors “Early Aught” LP (Deathwish)
Obstruktion “Monarchs Of Decay” LP (Isolation)
Judge “Bringin’ It Down” LP repress (Rev)
Slipknot “s/t” 7″ repress (Rev)
Sleep “The Clarity” 12″ (Third Man)
Zao “The Crimson Corridor” LP (observed/Observer)
Honey “Forever Fire” LP (Hell Minded)
Be All End All “Pact Music” LP (Triple B)
Dead Heat “World At War” LP (Triple B)
Pillars of Ivory “The Biblical Scripturez” LP (Triple B)
Wild Side “Who The Hell Is Wild Side?” repress LP (Triple B)
Mindforce / Dead Heat Split 12″ repress (Triple B)
Sunami / Gulch Split 7″ (Triple B)

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