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As of mid September 2020 the distro is running as usual, caring and dispatching for your special needs. Are we all a touch crazy yet? Gooood. Insanity is a sane reaction, afterall (although, I’m in two minds about it. No I’m not. Yes I am).
This might help….

New Arrivals:

15th September (anything sold out should be back again in around 3-5 weeks time)

ADDERALL – Adderall VS. Big Pharma 7″
AGRESSION – Live At The Underground Railroad 7″
ANNIHILATION TIME – s/t cassette tape
ANNIHILATION TIME – s/t LP (sold out)
AUS ROTTEN – Fuck Nazi Sympathy 7″ (sold out)
AUS ROTTEN – The System Works For Them… 12″ (sold out)
BAADER BRAINS – New Era Hope Colony LP
BIG LAUGH – Manic Revision 7″
BOOTLICKER – Nuclear Family 7″ (sold out)
CHAIN WHIP – s/t 7″ (sold out)
CITIZENS ARREST – Colossus double LP
COLD FEET – Punk Entity LP
CROW – Last Chaos LP (sold out, sorry! Prank didn’t press enough)
DAME – s/t LP
DEADPRESSURE – s/t LP (sold out)
DISCHARGE – Hear Nothing See Nothing… LP
DOOM – Police Bastard 7″ (sold out)
ELECTRIC CHAIR – Performative Justice 7″ (sold out)
EXIT ORDER – s/t 7″
FATAL STATE – Estado Fatal LP
FETISH – s/t 7″
FINAL CONFLICT – Ashes to Ashes LP (sold out)
FREEZE – Rabid Reaction LP (sold out)
FUCKED UP – Hidden World double LP
G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day of Revenge 7″
GHOUL SQUAD – Necrodoll LP
GUNN – Peace Love & Heavy Weaponry 7″
HALLUCINATOR – Another Cruel Dimension LP
HANDS OF GOD – Blueprint for Self Destruction LP (sold out)
HUMANT BLOD – Flykten Fran Verkligheten 7″
ILL REPUTE – Halloween Live double 7″ (sold out)
ILL REPUTE – What Happens Next LP (sold out)
INTERNAL ROT – Grieving Birth LP
INTERNAL ROT – Mental Hygiene LP
IRON LUNG – Sexless//No Sex LP
LAFFING GAS – It’s A Beautiful Day In The Gulch LP
LIFE – Ossification Of Coral LP (sold out)
LIFE’S BLOOD – Hardcore A.D. 1988 LP
LONG KNIFE – Night Of The Hunter 7″
LOSS PREVENTION – Some Kind of War 7″ (sold out)
NECROT – Blood Offerings LP
NECROT – Mortal LP
NECROT – The Labyrinth LP
NO PROBLEM – Already Dead LP (sold out)
ORCHID – Chaos Is Me LP
ORCHID – Gatefold LP
ORCHID – Totality LP
POISON IDEA – Feel The Darkness LP
POISON IDEA – Kings of Punk LP (sold out)
POISON IDEA – Pick Your King LP (sold out)
POWER TRIP – Hornet’s Nest 7″ flexi
PUMMEL – Our Power 7″
RAW POWER – ’83 Demo LP (sold out)
RORSCHACH – Remain Sedate/Protestant double LP
SIEGE COLUMN – Darkside Legions LP
SKITKLASS – Sekaino Byoudou Sayonara 7″
SPAZZ – Crush Kill Destroy LP
SPAZZ – Dwarf Jester Rising LP (sold out)
SPAZZ – La Revancha LP
SWORDWIELDER – System Overlord LP
TARANTULA – The Very Best Of Sex And Violence 7″
TOTALITAR – Sin Egen Motstandare LP
UNITY – You Are One 7″
V/A – Nardcore compilation LP (sold out)
VISIONS – s/t LP (sold out)
WIPERS – Is This Real LP (sold out)
WIPERS – Over The Edge LP (sold out)


New Releases due soon:

Feel free to reserve things (message me via email). In the unpredictable world of DIY punk the usual caveats apply: nothing is 100% definite…

A Chorus Of Disapproval “Truth Gives Wings To Strength” LPIntegrity “Palm Sunday” LP  live album from 1992 (Organized Crime).
Life Force “Hope And Defiance” LP (New Age).
Faim “Hollow Hope” LP (Safe Inside).
Heavy Discipline s/t LP, and Rated X “United Front” LP (Painkiller).
Bootlicker “How To Love Life” 7″ (Atomic Action).


Sometime soon:
Doom “Pretentious Arseholes” 7” Collection Boxset on Sonarize Records, should be around £40-45, reservations only on this one as I probably won’t be keeping it in stock.
Reissues of the first two Dropdead albums, plus three Dropdead compilation LPs, and a new self-titled LP !!
Umbra Vitae “Shadow Of Life” LP – hopefully, it may sell out before I can get hold of any copies… (Deathwish).
Rigorous Institution “Survival” 7″; Terminal Nation “Holocene Extinction” LP (20 Buck Spin). Germs“MIA”anthology double album.
Mortality Rate “Sleep Deprivation” LP.

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