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As of mid January 2021 the distro is running as usual, caring and dispatching for your special needs.
16/01/21: one to two days wait processing/mailing-out orders.

Postage prices have gone up slightly as of 05/01/2021. Don’t blame me, blame the Man, the Royal Mail Man – making huge profits because of a huge increase in demand due to covid-lockdowns requires that they make yet more huge profits. Gosh, capitalism is an expensive business.

Post Brexit (oh, Brexit, pyrrhic victory for the feeble minded) there will now be changes for customers on the EU Mainland. Sending parcels to Norway has always worked out ok, so there’s no need to worry too much. EU customers, message me with extra instructions regarding how I should fill in the Customs Declaration form.

Reservations. Things are getting busier here at Treason Towers – which is a good thing (I got little else to do these days!) – but an increasing element of chaos is creeping into my already limited organisational skills.
To avoid making mistakes I need to time-manage a bit better, and one thing that causes a load of extra work is people reserving their choices (rather than just going ahead and buying them throught the store). I know building-up a gradual stash of records for one big shipment can be super-convenient, and money-saving on postage costs, but sadly, from now on, I need to dissuade folk from doing this. If possible, just go ahead and order the records that you want. No fannying about.

However, reserving something ahead of its release, or before being restocked, is a different matter – by all means, go ahead and continue to do that. But use email (or telephone). I get messages sent via Facebook and Instagram, and it becomes an info-overload of digital gibber-jabber from all directions. Keep it old school, and simple (just like me).

Fuck the government.
Look after one another.
Stay clean.
And keep you spirits up with a punk rock record.
To Wit:

New Arrivals:

Saturday 16/01/2021
Meshuggah “Contradictions Collapse” Double LP
Mastodon “Call Of The Mastodon” LP
Old titles from Earache records:
Bolt Thrower “…For Victory” LP
Carcass “Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious” LP
Cult Of Luna “Eternal Kingdom” Double LP
Cult Of Luna self-titled Double LP
Municipal Waste “The Art Of Partying” LP

waiting to be uploaded (tomorrow):
Venom Prison “Primeval”, “Samsara” and “Animus” LPs
Deafheaven “New Bermuda” and “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” LPs
Municipla Waste “Slime And Punishment” LP
Wolves in the Throne Room “Black Cascade” LP
Funkadelic s/t, “Cosmic Slop” and “Maggot Brain” LPs
Bauhaus “In the Flat Field” and “Sky’s Gone Out” LPs
Dope Body LPs “Natural History” and “Kunk” LPs
Baroness “Gold and Grey” LP
Suger “Copper Blue” LP
Tricky “Maxinquaye” LP
Sunny Day Real Estate “How It Feels…” LP

Friday 15/01/2021
Four new Book titles added: Frame Of Mind, Mean Deviation, and biogs from Benjamin Zephaniah and Dave Haslam.

Wednesday 06/01/2021
Hey Colossus “Dances/Curses” 2xLP NEW
Beyond “No Longer At Ease” repress LP (sold out)
Constant Elevation “Freedom Beach” 7″
Dag Nasty “Minority of One” LP
Fucked and Bound “Suffrage”repress LP
Gatecreeper “Deserted” LP (sold out)
Ilsa “Preyer” LP NEW
Insted “Proud Youth: 1986-1991” 2xLP
Mastodon “Leviathan” LP
Negative Approach “s/t” 7″
Nothing “Dance On The Blacktop” LP
Nothing “The Great Dismal” LP (sold out)
Power Alone “Rather Be Alone” LP
Power Trip “Hornet’s Nest” Flexi 7″
Project X “Straight Edge Revenge” 7″
Restraining Order “s/t” 7″
Seized Up “Brace Yourself” LP NEW (sold out)
Soul Glo “Songs To Yeet At The Sun” LP NEW
Swing Kids “Anthology” LP NEW
Texas Is The Reason “Do You Know Who You Are?” 2xLP (sold out)
Unity “You Are One” 7″
World Be Free “One Time For Unity” 12″ NEW (sold out)

Tuesday 05/01/2021
Dropdead “2020” LP (sold out!)
Dropdead “1998” LP (sold out)
Dropdead “1993” LP
Dropdead “Discography Vol.1” LP (sold out)
Dropdead “Discography Vol.2” LP (sold out)

Monday 04/01/2021
Adolescents “s/t” LP (sold out)
Agression “SSL” LP
Bad Religion “The Process Of Belief” LP
Bootlicker “How To Love Life” 7″
Bootlicker “Nuclear Family”
Boysetsfire “This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born” LP
Brother “s/t” 7″
Circle Jerks “Group Sex” LP (sold out)
Circle One “Demos & Comp” LP
Disfear “Soul Scars” LP
Drain “California Cursed” yellow LP (sold out)
Earth Crisis “Destroy The Machines” LP
Enforced “At The Walls” LP (sold out)
Fix, The “The Speed Of Twisted Thought” LP
Gulch – “Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath” 10″ (sold out)
Husker Du “Land Speed Record” LP
Laffing Gas “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Gulch” LP
Last Rights “Chunks b/w So Ends Our Night” 7″ (sold out)
MDC “Millions Of Dead Cops – Millennium Edition” LP
Moral Decay “Rebels Without A Cause: 1982 Demo And Comp Tracks” LP
Public Acid “Condemnation” NEW 7″
Regional Justice Center “KKK Tattoo” NEW 7″
Regional Justice Center/Wound Man “Split” 7″ (sold out)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy “The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds” LP
Soul Blind “Greatest Hits Vol. 1″ 7”
Spine “L.O.V.” NEW 12″ EP
Terminal Nation “Holocene Extinction” LP
War On Women “Wonderful Hell” NEW LP
YDI “A Place In The Sun” 7″ (sold out)
Year Of The Knife “Ultimate Aggression” LP

Friday 01/01/2021
Pup “This Place Sucks Ass” LP
Acacia Strain “It Comes In Waves” LP
Vamachara “Hereafter” 12″
Angel Olsen LPs
Cat Power LPs
New LPs and restocks from Relapse Records
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – “X” 2X LP
Annihilation Time LPs
Old 1980s LPs from Peaceville Records
Dawn Ray’d LPs
Pallbearer “Forgotten Days” LP
No Problem “And Now This” first LP (sold out)
R.I.P. LPs on Riding Easy
The C.I.A. LP on In the Red Record

wednesday 23/12/20
Plastics “Plastic World” 7″ (Crew Cuts)
Boxkite s/t LP (Crew Cuts)
Spillage s/t 7″ (Pumpkin)


New Releases due in January/February 2021:
Lande Hekt “Going To Hell” LP (Get Better)
Vengeance By Proxy s/t LP (Profane Existence)
Portrayal Of Guilt “We Are Always Alone” LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Vein “Old Data In A New Machine, Vol. 1” LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Sunset “Destroyer” 7″ (Safe Inside)
Sweet Jesus “You Destroy Yourself” repress LP (Atomic Action)
Nutrition “No” 7″ (Neon Taste)
Dephosphorus “Sublimation” LP (Nerve Alter)
Razorblades and Aspirin magazine #11
G.I.S.M. “Detestation” LP reissue (Relapse)
Vanguard “Rage Of Deliverance” LP (New Age)
Mouthpiece “Can’t Kill What’s Inside: The Complete Discography” repress LP (Revelation)
Germs “MIA”anthology double album
Blood From The Soul “DSM-5” (Deathwish)
Mortality Rate “Sleep Deprivation” LP

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