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As of July 2020 the distro is running as usual, caring and dispatching for your special needs. International orders seem to be reaching their destinations ok. UK postal service seems to be functional, but still a bit slower than usual. I am posting-out just once or twice a week, so expect a potential extra few days wait for that reason. As always, I’ll keep you updated on your order via emails.

Any regular customers facing financial hardship because of loss of income/unpaid leave/redundency (or anyone else working hard on a low wage job during this crazy lockdown summer) can email me their order rather than using this webstore’s check-out, and I’ll work-out a discounted price for you. (This is a trust based thing – abuse it and karma might slap you up).

New Releases and Arrivals:

La Vida Es Un Mus: Rudimentary Peni 7″, Newtown Neurotics LP, Subdued LP, Irreal 7″, The Chisel 7″ etc.  Due early July.

Various older titles from Touch & Go (Slint, Shellac, Big Black, Jesus Lizard), Temporary Residence (Watter, United Nations) Easy Action (Amebix), Merge (Superchunk, Seaweed), Rocket (Pigs Pigs, Petbrick). Due early July.

Static Shock Records: Geld LP, Cold Meat LP. Due early July.

Dead Cells LP (Neon Taste), Gumming LP (Vinyl Conflict), Oathbreaker LP (Deathwish), United Mutation LP (Radio Raheem), Elder LP (Armageddon), End LP (Closed Casket Act.), Better Than A Thousand reissue LPs (End Hits). Warzone ‘Open Your Eyes’ new red vinyl press (Revelation), Due mid/late July

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