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Saturday 25th November 2023

Two day’s wait processing/mailing-out new orders.


Christmas Shoppers
The season of infant greed and parental guilt is upon us once again.
If you’re visiting this store in order to buy a gift for a loved one/favoured associate, firstly, good call, I applaud you decision to opt for something they might actually appreciate (that faux Banksy wall calender from last year, it was, well, a bit shit). But secondly, it’s a difficult one! Selecting a musical choice for somebody else is hard. Especially so if you are not well versed in this mysterious anorak world of punk rock records. Call me or email me if you need some good intentioned, but probably hopeless, shopping advice and guidance. On the whole, I think books and t-shirts are the easier option…

But, gentle words of warning:  in most respects this store is the direct opposite of Amazon, (they are my enemy, and they should be your’s too). Also, I have no control over the Royal Mail’s christmas service, (they are not the enemy. But, at the top, they are run by incompetent knobheads).  With that in mind, I will reply to messages containing curt one-liners that demand to know the excact location of a parcel that was ordered 12 hours ago – but I am a petulant grump when antagonised in this unfriendly manner, and consequently things may not go as speedy-smooth as they ordinarily would. Treat me good, people.

As always in times of postal congestion it is a good idea at checkout to add ‘signed-for’/tracking to your order.

Oh, and just about ANYONE would love to receive the gift of some previously unreleased/unheard songs by Minor Threat. Hopefully there will be enough copies of the new 7″ to go around for everyone, but who knows?! Reserving yourself a copy asap would be a good idea.

old out? Missed out? Drop me a line, I can let you know when any given item is due back in stock and can reserve/message you when it returns. It’s usually a matter of days/weeks, not months. Modern life is fast. (I, on the other hand, vary somewhere between brisk and sluggish).

I still do not have a policy for making reservations, however, I’m happy to do the right thing in terms of stashing stuff for a few weeks or whatever. It’s all done on an individual basis depending on who you are (i.e. a regular customer) and what you’re after (must have good taste).

If you place a big order, or build up a big stash – like over £100 – I can probably do a cheap deal on postage. Pay for standard second class at checkout and I’ll then send your parcel Special Delivery – which costs £16, has good insurance, and is guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm.


I‘m available for any enquiries, any day, or time, at: 01297 678979
Otherwise, email me:


Current in-house playlist/reading matter:
Gumm, Destiny Bond, Alienator, Anti-Matter zine, Magnitude, Heavy Discipline, Fuming Mouth, Move, MSPaintOpen CityFinal Gasp

New Arrivals:

Friday 24th November 2023
Abism self-tiled LP (Toxic Sate)
Daydream “Reaching For Eternity” LP (Blackwater)
Disfear “Everyday Slaughter” LP repress (Havoc)
Enemy “Maladjusted” LP (11 PM)
Jerry A and the Kings Of Oblivion “Life After Hate” LP (TKO) sold out
Money self-titled LP (Beach Impediment)
Skitsystem “Enkel Resa Till” LP repress (Havoc)
Tragedy “Vengeance” LP repress (Tragedy)
Wet Specimens ” Over Pale Bodies” LP
Life’s Blood “Defiance” CD (Prank)
Long Knife “Wilderness” LP (Blackwater)
Long Knife “Meditation On Self Destruction” LP (Blackwater)
Necrot “Blood Offerings” LP (Tankcrimes)
Orchid self-titled LP (Ebullition)
Paintbox “Earth Ball Sports Tournament” LP (Prank)
Poison Idea “Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years Vol. 1 LP” LP (TKO)
Punitive Damage “This Is The Black Out” LP (Atomic Action)
Steel Bearing Hand “Slay In Hell” LP
Submission Hold “Sackcloth and Ashes… ” LP (Ebullition)
Sweet Jesus “You Destroy Yourself” LP (Atomic Action) sold out
The Wipers “Is This Real ” LP
The Wipers “Land of The Lost” LP
The Wipers “Over The Edge ” LP
The Wipers “Youth of America” LP
Totalitar “Sin Egen Motstandar” CD (Prank)
Totalitar ” Vi Ar Eliten” LP (Prank)
White Lung “Sorry” LP (Deranged)
White Lung “It’ sThe Evil” LP (Deranged)
Wrong War “Once Upon A Weapon” LP (Council)
Yaphet Kotto “We Bury Our Dead Alive” LP (Ebulllition)
Zorn self-titled LP (Sorry State)

Tuesday 21st November
Chaos UK “Just Mere Slaves” repress LP (Havoc)
Crow “Eye” LP (Prank)
Extensive Slaughter “More Than A Nightmare” LP (Neon Taste)
Gel “Only Constant” LP (Convulse)
Golpe “Assuefazione Quotidiana” 7″ (Beach Impediment)
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads “2022 EP” 7″ (Toxic State)
Headcheese “Expired” LP (Neon Taste) sold out
Languid “A Paranoid Wretch in Society’s Games” US repress LP (Desolate)
Lethal “Lethal’s Hardcore Hit Parade” 7″ (11 PM) sold out
MSPaint “Post American” LP (Convulse)
Special Branch “Lethal Force” 7″ (Roachleg)
Acute self-titled LP (Desolate)
Agravio  “Que Futuro De La Verga” 7(SPHC)
Artimus Pyle “Fucked From Birth” LP (Prank)
Aus Rotten “The System Works… For Them” LP (Profane Existence)
Black Uniforms “Faces of Death” LP (Unrest)
Born Dead Icons “Modern Plague” 7″
Baroness “First And Second” Double LP
Candy Apple “World For Sale” 7″ (Convulse) sold out
Christ On Parade ” Sounds of Nature” LP (Prank)
City Of Caterpillar s/t LP (20th anniversary edition) sold out
Congealed Putrescence “Within the Ceaseless Murk” 7″
Crow “Who Killed Dove?” 7″ (Prank)
Endless Swarm “Manifested Forms” LP (To Live A Lie)
Entry “Exit Interview” 7″ (Convulse)
G.U.N.  self-titled LP (Sorry State) sold out
Gel “Violent Closure” 7″ (Atomic Action) sold out
Grand Scheme “Numbers Game” 7″ (11 PM)
Hummingbird Of Death “Full Spectrum Dominance: 2005 – 2008” LP (To Live A Lie)
Ill Repute “What Happens Next” LP sold out
Intention  “Brand New Story” LP (Beach Impediment)
Mob 47 “Karnvapen Attack” 7″ (Havoc) sold out
Reality Crisis “The World Still Keeps Confusing” 7″ (Profane Existence)
Siege  “失われたセッション – Lost Session ’91″ 7”
War Effort “Path To Glory” 7″ (Warthog Speaks)
Wrong War “On Further Reflection” 7″ (Council) sold out
Various “BC Thrash Demolition” 7″ (625)
Various “ERR02” 7″ (Council)

Monday 20th November
Raising Hell fanzine #28

Friday 10th November
Bad Brains “Rock for Light – Punk Note Edition” LP
Corm “Audio Flame Kit” LP
Fury “Resurrection” LP
Jawbox “Revisionist EP” 12″
Las Mordidas “Ex-Voto” LP
Light Beams “Wild Life” LP (Dischord) temp sold out
Scream “DC Special” LP (Dischord) temp sold out
Dischord Records
Dag Nasty “Can I Say” LP (green)
Dag Nasty “Wig Out at Denko’s” LP
The Evens self-titled LP temp sold out
Faith and Void Split LP
Faraquet “Anthology 97-98” LP (yellow)
Faraquet “View from this Tower” LP
Fugazi “3 Songs” 7″
Fugazi “Furniture” 7″
Fugazi “End Hits” LP
Fugazi  “Instrument soundtrack” LP
Fugazi “Margin Walker” 12″ (green)
Fugazi “Red Medicine” LP (red)
Fugazi “Steady Diet of …” LP (silver)
Fugazi “In On The Kill Taker” LP (crystal)
Fugazi “The Argument” LP
Fugazi “Repeater” LP (blue)
Fugazi s/t (7 son2gs) 12″ (red)
Hammered Hulls “Careening” LP (white)
Happy Go Licky ‘Will Play” CD
Hoover “Lurid Traversal…” LP
Jawbox “For Your Own Special Sweetheart” LP
Lungfish “A.C.R. 1999” CD
Lungfish “Unanimous Hour” CD
Lungfish “Indivisible” LP (blue)
Make-Up “In Mass Mind” LP (pink)
Minor Threat  s/t (first 2 7″s) 12″ (silver)
Minor Threat “Out of Step” 12″ (white)
Minor Threat “Salad Days” 7″
Nation of Ulysses “13 Point Program…” LP
Nation of Ulysses “Plays Pretty…” LP (clear)
One Last Wish “1986” LP (clear green) temp sold out
Q & Not U  “Different Damage” LP
Q & Not U “No Kill No Beep” LP
Rites of Spring “All Through A Life” 7″
Rites of Spring s/t LP
Scream “Still Screaming” LP
Scream “This Side Up” LP (blue)
Scream “Fumble” LP (yellow)
Shudder to Think  “Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses” CD
Soulside “Less Deep Inside” CD
Void “Sessions” LP (brown)
Various “State of the Union” compilation CD
Various “Flex Your Head” compilation LP (white)
Bikini Kill “New Radio” 7″
Bikini Kill “Pussy Whipped” LP
Bikini Kill “Reject All American” LP
Bikini Kill “The Singles” LP
Destruct “Echoes of Life” LP (Grave Mistake)
Frodus “And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea” LP sold out
NØ MAN “Erase” LP sold out

Wednesday 8th November
False Fed “Let Them Eat Fake” LP (Neurot) temp sold out
Ken Mode “Void” LP temp sold out
Grails “The Burden of Hope” LP repress (Neurot)
Antarctica “81:03:00” Double LP repress
Final Gasp “Mourning Moon” LP (Relapse) temp sold out
Sonic Life: The new memoir from the Sonic Youth founding member” Thurston Moore, Book temp sold out
Just A Minor Threat: The Minor Threat Photographs of Glen E. Friedman” Book sold out
Slayer’s Reign in Blood” 33.3 Book sold out
Coil “Love’s Secret Domain” LP
Fela Kuti “Zombie” LP
Geld “Currency//Castration” LP (Relapse)
Turnstile “Time & Space” LP
Skull Defekts “Dances in Dreams Of The Known Unknown” CD (Thrill Jockey)
What Have We Got: The Turbulent Story of Oi” Book sold out
Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground” Book temp sold out
The Inner Ear Of Don Zientara” Book
Too Much Too Young: The 2 Tone Records Story” Book
Journey to the Centre of the Cramps” Book
Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion” Book
Total Revolution? An Outsider History Of Hardline” Book

Thursday 19th October

Angel Du$t “Brand New Soul” LP (Pop Wig)
Berthold City “A Moment In Time” LP (War) sold out
Bold “Speak Out” repress LP and booklet (Rev) temp sold out
Hatred Surge “Horrible Mess 2005-2007” LP (Iron Lung)
Have Heart “The Things We Carry: Silver Anniversary Edition” LP (Bridge 9) sold out
High Vis “Blending” LP (Dais) sold out
Kill Your Idols “No Gimmicks Needed” repress LP (Blackout) sold out
Kill Your Idols “This Is Just The Beginning…” repress LP (Blackout) temp sold out
Magnitude “Of Days Renewed” LP (Triple B)
Move “Black Radical Love” LP (Triple B)
Pig City s/t LP (To Live A Lie)


Minor Threat “Out of Step Outtakes” 7″ (Dischord) Due early December, make yourself a reservation in the meantime. (Once they turn-up, the cost of each 7″ should be around £7.00)
Paint It Black “Famine” LP (Rev)
Planet On A Chain “Deprogram” LP (Rev)
Youth Brigade “Sound & Fury” LP (Trust)
Open City “Hands In The Honey Jar” LP (Get Better)
End “The Sin of Human Frailty” LP (Closed Casket)
Fuming Mouth “Last Day of Sun” LP (Triple B)
SS Decontrol “The Kids Will Have Their Say” (grey) LP (Trust) Due mid-late December
Infant Island “Obsidian Wreath” LP (Secret Voice)

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