GUMM – “Slogan Machine” LP


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Yellow vinyl (100 copies). 2023

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Gumm – “Slogan Machine” LP

With three EPs under their belts here comes the debut LP from Chattanooga’s (Tennessee) Gumm. This hits a perfect sweet-spot that lies somewhere over the rainbow… between the slapping noise of Bib, the intensity of Touche Amore, and the passion of DC’s Revolution Summer. Heavy, noisy, intense, and with musical notes often lined-up in such a way that you get to hear a juicy melody. While the strong sense of rhythm keeps your head constantly bobbing (maybe your whole body bouncing and jumping around, if you’re one of those young athletic types). They recently toured with Drain and Drug Church and I would warrant for some (musically astute) folk they could’ve been the highpoint of the evening. They would’ve been for me. If you find that Militarie Gun lean a little too much towards mild-mannered indie rock, this will come as the perfect antidote.

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