DESTINY BOND – “Be My Vengeance” LP


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Clear vinyl (300 copies). 2023

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Destiny Bond – “Be My Vengeance” LP

The debut LP from this Denver five-piece. Drawing their influences from a load of classic 80’s hardcore, too many to mention, although, Faith, Slapshot, early Fucked Up, and Dag Nasty get named in the band’s bio… (none of which are obvious signposts). Ripe with energy and passion, not least in the vocals, which are the strongest draw here – sung with an ardent agenda on subjects of community, identity, and overcoming personal obstacles. Imagine a version of G.L.O.S.S that is equally fast, fierce and sincere, but that is also freed-up to explore other, more melodic sounds and ideas – and you’ve got yourself one of your favourite albums of the year.

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