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These are most of the items that are available-to-order/temporarily-out-of-stock.

Let me know if you want a copy of anything and I can order it in especially for you. Shipments from the main US labels/supliers usually arrive once a month.
Some titles I re-order on a regular basis; for some of the older ones you will have to specifically request ’em.

(osmond.pete@googlemail.com / or call: 01297 678979)

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7 Seconds – “Walk Together, Rock Together” LP  Currently unavailable

7 Seconds – “New Wind” LP  Currently unavailable

7 Seconds – “Blasts From The Past” 7″

16 Guns – “On The Piss Again: Demos 1984/85” LP

108 – “Curse Of Instinct” LP  Currently unavailable

108 – “Threefold Misery” LP  Currently unavailable

A Chorus Of Disapproval – “Truth Gives Wings To Strength” LP

The A-Team – “Negative Space” 7″ 

Abrasion – “Demonstration” 7″

Absolut – “2019 Demonstration” 7”

Abuse Of Power – “What On Earth Can We Do” LP

The Abused – “Loud And Clear” LP  Currently unavailable

The Acacia Strain – “It Comes in Waves” LP

ACxDC – “Satan Is King” LP

The Accüsed – “Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told” LP  

Acrylics – “Sinking In” LP

Actives – “Deactivated” LP

Acute – self-titled LP

Adolescents – “The Complete Demos 1980-1986” LP

Adolescents – “Brats In Battalions” LP

Adrenanlin O.D. – “The Wacky Hi-Jinks Of…” LP

Adrenanlin O.D. – “Humungousfungusamongus: Millenium Edition” LP

Against – “Welcome To The Aftermath” LP  Currently unavailable

Agnostic Front – “No One Rules” LP

Agnostic Front – “I Remember” 7″

Agnosy – “When Daylight Reveals The Torture” LP

Agression – “SSL” LP  Currently unavailable

Agression – “Live At The Underground Railroad” 7″  Currently unavailable

Alement – “Onward” 12″ EP

Alien Boys – “Night Danger” LP 

Alien Nosejob – “HC45″ 7” 

All Out War – “Hymns Of The Apocalypse” 7″

All Pigs Must Die – “Nothing Violates This Nature” LP (Southern Lord 20th anniversary edition)

Almighty Watching – “Doubtless” 7″

Amber Inn – “All Roads Lead Home” LP

Amebix – “Arise!” LP

Amebix – “Sonic Mass” LP

American Football – self-titled (LP No. 2) LP

American Nightmare – “4 Song Demo” 7″ EP

American Nightmare – “Life Support” 7″

American War Machine – “Unholy War” LP

American War Machine – “Prey Drive” 7″ 

Amorphis – “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” LP

Amyl and the Sniffers – “Comfort to Me” LP

Androids Of Mu – “Blood Robots” LP

Angel Du$t – “Yak: A Collection of Truck Songs” LP

Angel Du$t – “A.D.” LP

Angel Du$t – “Rock The Fuck On Forever” LP

Angel Olsen – “All Mirrors” Double LP

Annihilation Time – “III – Tales of the Ancient Age” LP

Annihilation Time – “II” LP

Antidote – “Thou Shall Not Kill” 7”

Antioch Arrow – “Gems Of Masochism” LP

Anti-Cimex – “The Complete Demos 1982-1983” LP

Anti-System – “Anthology 1982-1986” Double LP

Anxious “Little Green House” LP

Anxious – “New Shapes” 7″

Anxious – “Never Better” 7″

Apocalypse Now – “4 track EP” 7″

Apostles / Anathema – “Fight Back” split LP (plus Negative Insight zine)

Archers of Loaf – “Icky Mettle” LP

Arctic Flowers – “Straight To The Hunter” LP

The Armed – “Ulta Pop” LP

Armor – “Some Kind of War” 7″  Currently unavailable

Arms Race – “New Wave Of British Hardcore” LP

Arms Race – “Gotta Get Out” 7″

Artificial Peace – “Complete” LP  Currently unavailable

Asian Dub Foundation – “Rafi’s Revenge” Double LP

Asile – “Les Enfants Batards Dun Pays Maudit” LP  

Asile – “Kichesippi Toxique” LP

Asylum – “Modern Hysteria” LP

Attitude Adjustment – “American Paranoia & More” LP+DVD  

Aus Rotten – “…And Now Back To Our Programming” LP Currently unavailable

Aus Rotten – “The System Works… For Them” LP  Currently unavailable

Aus Rotten – “Fuck Nazi Sympathy” 7″

Autarch – “The Light Escaping” LP

Avail – “Over The James” LP

Avskum – “Re-crucified By The System” CD

Axegrinder – “Rise of the Serpent Men” LP

Bad Brains – self-titled  LP   Due back in mid-August 2022

Bad Brains – “I Against I” LP

Bad Breeding – “Divide” 12″

Bad Breeding – “Exiled” LP

Bad Religion – “The Process Of Belief” LP

Bad Religion – “Generator” LP

Bad Religion – “No Control” LP

Bad Religion – “Suffer” LP

Bad Religion – “Recipe For Hate” LP

Bad Religion – “Against The Grain” LP

Baroness – “First And Second” Double LP

Baroness – “Blue Record” Double LP

Baroness – “Gold & Grey” Double LP

Bastard Noise – “Skulldozer” LP

Bathory – Self-titled LP

Battalion Of Saints – “Second Coming” LP

Bauhaus – “The Bela Session” LP

Bauhaus – “In The Flat Field” LP

Bauhaus – “The Sky’s Gone Out” LP

BB And The Blips – “Shame Job” LP   Currently unavailable

Beach Rats – “Wasted Time” 7”

The Beast – “Power Metal” 12″ ep

Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique” LP

Beowulf – self-titled LP

Berthold City – “When Words Are Not Enough” LP  

Berthold City – “What Time Takes” 7″  Currently unavailable

Berthold City – “Moment Of Truth” 7″ Currently unavailable

Beta Blockers – “Stiff Prescriptions” LP

Beta Boys – “Oh Wow!! Hard Rock Music!! I Love It!!” 7″

Better Than A Thousand – “Just One” LP

Better Than A Thousand – “Value Driven” LP

Better Than A Thousand – “We Must Believe – The Complete Discography”  Double LP and Zine

Beyond Pain – “Born To Die; Why Are We Waiting?” 12″ EP

Bib – “Deluxe” LP

Bib – “Moshpit” 7″

Bib – “Pop”  7″

Bib – “Demo” 7″

Big Bite – “Trinity” LP

Big Black – “Atomizer” LP

Big Black – “Headache” 12″ EP

Big Black – “Racer-X” 12″ EP

Big Black – “Bulldozer” 12″ EP

Big Boys – “Wreck Collection” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Big Cheese – “Punishment Park” LP

Big Ups – “Before A Million Universes” LP

Bikini Kill – self-titled LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Bikini Kill – “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Bikini Kill – “Reject All American” LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Bikini Kill – “The Singles” LP  

Bikini Kill – “Revolution Girl Style Now” LP   Due back in mid-August 2022

Birds In Row – “We’ve Already Lost The World” LP  

Black Flag – “Wasted… Again” LP

Black Sabbath – “Volume Four” LP

Bl’ast! – “The Power Of Expression” LP

Bl’ast! – “Take The Manic Ride” LP

Bl’ast! – “Blood!” LP

Blaze – “Still Nothing Ever Change” LP

Blind Justice – “No Matter The Cost” LP

Blitz – “Voice Of A Generation” LP  

Blood Incantation – “Hidden History of the Human Race” LP  

Blood Incantation – “Timewave Zero” LP & CD

Bob Tilton – “The Leading Hotels Of The World” LP

Bodega – “Shiny New Model” LP

Bodega – “Endless Scroll” LP

Bold – “The Search: 1985 – 1989” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Bolt Thrower – “…For Victory” LP

Bolt Thrower – “Realm of Chaos” LP

Bonehunter – “Children of the Atom” LP

Bootlicker – self-titled LP

Bootlicker – “How to Love Life” 7″

Bootlicker – “Who Do You Serve?” 7″  Currently unavailable

Bootlicker – “6 Track EP” 7″   Currently unavailable

Bootlicker “Nuclear Family” 7″

Born Against / Universal Order Of Armageddon – split 7″

Boston Strangler – “Outcast” 12″

The Bouncing Souls – “The Good, The Bad, And The Argyle.” LP

Brainoil – “Singularity To Extinction” LP

Brain Tourniquet – self-titled 7″

Brainoil – “Singularity To Extinction” LP

Breakdown – “Runnin’ Scared” LP

Breakdown – “The ’87 Demo” LP

Broken Bones  – “A Single Decade”  LP

Bugg – self-titled LP

Buggin – “Brainfreeze” Flexi 7″ Currently unavailable

Bull Cult – “Demo” 12″ EP  

Buried Alive – “Death Will Find You” 7″

Buried Dreams – “9 Reasons Not To Live” LP

Butthole Surfers – “Rembrandt Pussyhorse” LP

Butthole Surfers – “Hairway To Steven” LP

Butthole Surfers – “Locust Abortion Technician” LP

Buzzov•en – “Sore” Double LP

By The Grace Of God – “Perspective” LP

Bystander – self titled 7”

C.C.M. ‎- “The Furious Era 1979-1987” Double LP

Can – “Delay 1968” LP

Candy – “Super Stare” 7″

Candy – “Good To Feel” LP

Candy Apple – “Sweet Dreams of Violence” LP  Currently unavailable

Cap’n Jazz – “Analphabetapolothology” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Carcass – “Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious” LP

Career Suicide – “Anthology Of Releases: 2004 – 2005, Volume Two” CD

The Casket Lottery – “Choose Bronze” LP  Currently unavailable

The Casket Lottery – “Short Songs For End Times” LP  Currently unavailable

The Casket Lottery – “Moving Mountains” LP  Currently unavailable

The Casket Lottery – “Survival is For Cowards” LP  Currently unavailable

Cause For Alarm – self-titled 7″  Currently unavailable

Cell Rot / World Peace – split 7″

Cell Rot – “Slowly Falls Apart” 12″ EP

Cénotaphe – “Empyree” LP

Cénotaphe – “Monte Verità” LP

Ceremony – “The Doldrums (Friendly City)” 7″

Chain Cult – “Demo 2018” LP

Chain Cult – “Shallow Grave” LP

Chain Of Strength – “The One Thing That Still Holds True” LP  Currently unavailable

Chain Whip – self-titled 7″  Currently unavailable

Chain Whip – “Two Steps To Hells” 12″ EP

Chaos UK – “Shit Man Fucker” 7″

Charger – self-titled LP  

Chastity – “Home Made Satan” LP

Chastity – “Chains” 12″ EP

Chemical X – “EP 17″  7”

C.H.E.W. – “Feeding Frenzy” LP

C.H.E.W. – “In Due Time” 7″

Chinese Football – “Here Comes A New Challenger” 12″ EP  

Chinese Football – “Continue?” 12″ EP  

The Chisel – “Come See Me / Not The Only One” 7″

The Chisel – “Deconstructive Surgery” 7″

Christian Death – “Only Theatre Of Pain” LP

Chrome Skulls – “The Metal Skull” 7”

Chthonic Deity – “Reassembled In Pain” 7”

Chubby And The Gang – “Speed Kills” LP

Circle Jerks – “Group Sex: 40th Anniversary Edition” LP  Currently unavailable

Circle One – “Demos & Comp” LP

City Of Caterpillar – “Driving Spain Up A Wall” LP 

Civ – “Set Your Goals” LP

Clierati – “Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies” LP

Cloakroom – “Further Out” Double LP

Clock Of Time – “Pestilent Planet” LP

Code Orange – “Forever” LP

Coherence – “Of Alternate Spaces” LP

Cold Feet – “Punk Entity” LP

Cold Meat – “Pork Sword Fever” 7″

Colonial Wound – “Untitled” 12”

Colonial Wound – “Degradation” 12″ EP

Combust – “The Void” 12″ EP

Combust – “Demo 17″ 7”

Come To Grief – “Pray For The End” LP

Comeback Kid – “Turn It Around” LP

Condition – “Actual Hell” LP 

Condition – “Subjugated Fate” 7″

Condor – “Singles 2017 to 2018” LP

Conflict – “The Ungovernable Force Standard Issue 82-87” LP

Constant Mongrel – “Living In Excellence” LP

Contrast Attitude / The Knockers -Split 7″

Convenience – “Stop Pretending” 7″

Converge – “No Heroes” LP  Currently unavailable

Converge – “The Dusk In Us” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Converge – “Axe To Fall” LP  Currently unavailable

Converge – “All We Love We Leave Behind” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Converge- “Unloved And Weeded Out” LP

Converge – “You Fail Me Redux” LP

Coriky – self-titled LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Corrosion of Conformity – “Blind” double LP

Cosmic Psychos – Self-titled LP

Cosmic Psychos – “Go the Hack” LP

Cosmic Psychos – “Down On the Farm” LP

Cosmic Reaper – “Demon Dance” 12″ EP

The Cowboys – The Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP

The Cramps – “Bad Music For Bad People” LP

Crass – “Feeding Of The 5000” LP

Crass – “Christ The Album” Double LP Box Set

Crass – “Yes Sir, I Will” LP

Crass – “Stations Of The Crass” Double  LP

Crass – “Penis Envy” LP

Crass – “Best Before 1984” Singles Compilation Double LP

Criminal Code – “Welcome To 2534” LP

Criminal Code – “No Device” LP

Crisis – “Kollectiv” Double LP  

Crossed Keys – “Saviors” LP

Crucial Youth – “The Posi-Machine” LP

Crucifix – “Nineteen Eighty-Four” 7″

Crucifix – self-titled 12″ EP

Cruelster – “Riot Boys” LP

Cuir – “Single Demo” LP

Cult Leader – “A Patient Man” LP

Cult Leader – “Nothing For Us Here” LP  Currently unavailable

Cult Leader – “Useless Animal” 7″

Cult Of Luna – “Eternal Kingdom” Double LP

Cult Of Luna – “The Beyond” Double LP

Culture Shock – “Reality Stop No. 44” LP  Currently unavailable

D7Y – self-titled LP

D.I. –  “Team Goon” LP 

D.O.A. – “Murder” LP

D.O.A. – “D.O.A. War On 45” LP

D.O.A. – “Something Better Change”  LP

D.O.A. – “1978” Double LP

D.O.A. – “Hardcore 81: 40th Anniversary Limited Edition” LP

D.O.N.D.O.N. – “Last Warning” LP

D.R.I. – “Crossover” LP

D.R.I. – “Dealing With It!” LP

DS-13 – “Umea Hardcore Forever Forever Umea Hardcore” Double LP

DS-13 – “Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget” LP

Dag Nasty – “Dag With Shawn” LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Dag Nasty – “Cold Heart b/w Wanting Nothing” 7″   Due back in mid-August 2022

Dag Nasty – “Can I Say” LP  Currently unavailable

Dälek – “Endangered Philosophies” Double LP

Damnation A.D. – “Kingdom Of Lost Souls” LP

Dangers – “Anger” LP

Dare – “Against All Odds” Tape Cassette

Darkthrone – “Soulside Journey” LP

Dauþiflin – self-titled 7″

Dawn Ray’d – “The Unlawful Assembly” LP

Dayglo Abortions – “Feed Us A Fetus, 30 Year Anniversary” LP 

Dead Cells – “I” LP

Dead Heat – “Certain Death” LP

Dead Heat – “World At War” LP

Dead Hunt – Self-titled LP

Dead Kennedys – “Bedtime For Democracy” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” LP

Dead Kennedys – “Plastic Surgery Disasters” LP

Dead Of Night – self-titled 7″

Deadlock – self-titled 7″

Deadpressure – self-titled LP

Deaf Club – “Contemporary Sickness” 7″ Picture Disc

Deaf Club – “Bad Songs Forever” 7″

Deafheaven – “Demo” LP  Currently unavailable

Deafheaven – “Sunbather” double LP

Deafheaven – “10 Years Gone” Double LP

Deafheaven – “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” Double LP

Death – “…For the Whole World to See” LP (Drag City)

Death  – “The Sound Of Perseverance” double LP

Death Ridge Boys “Fooled Again b/w Situation” 7″ EP

Death Side – “Bet On The Possibility” LP  Currently unavailable

Death Side – “Wasted Dream” LP  Currently unavailable

Deep Tomb – “self-titled” LP 

Defeater – “Travels” LP  Currently unavailable

Defeater – “Lost Ground” double 7″  Currently unavailable

Defeater – ‘Letters Home’  LP  Currently unavailable

Deprived – “Discography 89-92” LP

Descendents – “All” LP

Despise You – “West Side Horizons” LP

Destruct – “Echoes Of Life” LP

Detestation – self-titled LP

Deviant – “Loading The Gun” 7″

Deviated Instinct  – ” Rock ‘N’ Roll Conformity” LP

Devil Master – “Satan Spits On Children Of Light” LP

Devil’s Den – “Barbed New Religion” LP

DJ Shadow – “Endtroducing” Double LP

Diät – “Positive Energy” LP

Diät – “Positive Disintegration” LP

The Dicks – “The Dicks Hate the Police” 7”

Die Kreuzen – self-tilted LP

Discharge – “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” LP 

Discharge – “Why” LP

Discharge – “War Is Hell” LP

Disfear – “Live The Storm” LP

Disguise – “Bas Fada” 7″

Disorder – “Perdition” LP

Dissekerad – “Inre Strid” LP

The Dividing Line – “Owe You Nothing” LP

Division Of Mind – self-titled LP

Dollhouse – “The First Day Of Spring” 7”

Doom – “Police Bastard” 7”  

Doom  – “War Crimes (Inhuman Beings)” LP

Drive Like Jehu – “Yank Crime” LP  

Drive Like Jehu – self-itled LP

Dropdead – “2020” LP

Dropdead / Ruidosa Inmundicia – split 7″

Dropdead / Systematic Death – “Fighting For Life” split 7″

Drug Church – self-titled  7″  Currently unavailable

Drug Church – “Swell” 12″ EP

Drug Church – “Cheer” LP

Drug Church – “Hit Your Head” LP

Drug Church – “Tawny” LP

Drug Control “Clear Sight” 7″

Duhkha – Self-titled 7″

Dying For It – “Born To Deny” 10″

DYS – “Brotherhood” LP

Dystopia – self-titled LP

Earth Crisis – “Destroy The Machines” LP

Earth Crisis – “Gomorrah’s Season Ends” LP

Ecostrike – “Voice of Strength” LP

Ecostrike – “A Truth We Still Believe” LP

Ekulu – Self-titled 7″ 

Elder – “Omens” Double LP

Elder – “Reflections of a Floating World” Double LP

Elder – “Dead Roots Stirring” Double LP

Elder – “Lore” Double LP  

Elder – “Spires Burn/Release” LP

Electric Chair – “Performative Justice” 7″

Electric Wizard – “Dopethrone” Double LP

Electric Wizard – “Let Us Prey” Double LP

Elliott – “U.S. Songs” LP

Elliott Smith – “Either/Or” LP

Elliott Smith – Self-titled LP

Embrace – self-titled (“14 Songs”) LP  

Encounter – “Neglect/Obey” 7″

End – “Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face” LP

Endorphins Lost – “Seclusions” LP

Entombed – “Clandestine” LP

Entombed – “Left Hand Path” LP

Envy – “Atheist’s Cornea” LP

Envy – “The Fallen Crimson” Double LP

Escuela Grind – “Indoctrination” LP

Every Time I Die – “Radical” Double LP

The Ex – “Catch My Shoe ” LP

The Ex – “1936 The Spanish Revolution”

Excel – “The Joke’s On You” Double LP

Exil – “Warning” LP

Exit Order – “Seed Of Hysteria” LP

Exit Order – self-titled  7″

Expander – “Endless Computer” LP

Extinction Of Mankind – “Baptised In Shit” LP

F.O.T.K. (Fear Of The Known) – “Cabal” 7″ & flexi

The Faction – “Yesterday Is Gone” 12″ EP

Faim – “Hollow Hope” LP

Faith / Void – split  LP  Currently unavailable

Faith – “Live at CBGBs December 26 1981” LP

Faith – “Subject To Change Plus First Demo” LP  Currently unavailable

Fall Of Efrafa – “Inlé” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Fall Of Efrafa – “Owsla” LP  Currently unavailable

Faraquet – “Anthology” LP  Currently unavailable

Faraquet – “View from this Tower” LP 

Farside – “Rochambeau” LP  Currently unavailable

Fatal State – “Estado Fatal” LP

Feederz – “WWHD: What Would Hitler Do?” 7″

Ferocious X – “Svart Att Overleva” LP

Fiddlehead “Springtime And Blind” LP

Fiddlehead – “Get My Mind Right” 7″  Currently unavailable

Fiddlehead – “Out Of The Bloom” 7” Currently unavailable

Final Warning – “Demonstration 1983” 7”

Fireburn – “Shine/ The Contoller” 7″  Currently unavailable

Firewalker – “The Roll Call” 7″

Fixation – “Marked EP” 7″

Flag Of Democracy – “Shatter Your Day” Double LP

Flag Of Democracy – “Love Songs” 7″

Fleshies – “Introducing The Fleshies” LP 

Flux Of Pink Indians – “Strive To Survive Causing The Least Suffering Possible”  Double LP

For Your Health / Shin Guard – “Death Of Spring” LP  

Forced Order “Vanished Crusade” LP

Forced Order – “Retribution” 7″

Frail Body – “A Brief Memoriam” LP

Frail Hands – Self-titled LP

Frame Of Mind – “Irieshun” LP

The Freeze – “Land Of The Lost” LP

Frenzy – self-titled LP

Frisk – self-titled 12″

Frodus – “And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea” LP

Frodus – “1995/1998″ 7”  Due back in mid-August 2022

From Ashes Rise – “Nightmares” LP

From Ashes Rise – “Silence Remastered Edition” LP

Frozen Soul – “Crypt of Ice” LP

Fuck It… I Quit – “The War Ritual” LP

Fucked & Bound – “Suffrage” LP

Fucked Up – “High Rise” 7″

Fucked Up – “Hidden World” Double LP  Currently unavailable

Fucked Up – “The Year of the Dragon” LP plus flexi

Fucked Up – “The Year of the Snake” LP  

Fucked Up – “Year of The Hare” LP

Fucked Up – “Glass Boys” Double LP

Fucked Up – “Year of the Horse” Double LP

Fuerza Bruta – “Verdugo” LP

Fugazi – “Repeater” LP  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – “First Demo” LP  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – “Argument” LP  Due back in mid-August 2022

Fugazi – “Margin Walker” 12″  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – “3 Songs” 7”  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – “Furniture” 7”  Due back in mid-August 2022

Fugazi – “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – Self-titled / “7 Songs” 12″  Due back in mid-August 2022

Fugazi – “In On The Kill Taker” LP  Currently unavailable

Fugazi – “Red Medicine” LP  Currently unavailable

Full Of Hell – “Rudiments Of Mutilation” LP  Currently unavailable

Full Of Hell – “Weeping Choir” LP

Funeral Leech – “Death Meditation” LP

Funkadelic – “Maggot Brain” LP

Fury – “Paramount” LP

Fury – “Failed Entertainment ” LP

Fuse – “This Segregation Will End” LP

Gag – “Killing For Both Realities 3 ’92” LP

Gag – “America’s Greatest Hits” LP

Gag – “Still Laughing” LP

Gameface – “Every Last Tape” LP

Gameface – “Good” LP

Gameface – “Every Last Time” LP

Gang Green – “Another Wasted Night” LP

Gatecreeper – “Deserted” LP  Currently unavailable

Gatecreeper – “Sonoran Depravation” LP  Currently unavailable

Gatecreeper – “self-titled” 12″ EP  

Gazm – “Heavy Vibe Music” LP

Gel – “Violent Closure” 7″

Geld  – “Beyond The Floor” LP

Geld – “Perfect Texture” LP

Genocide Pact – “Order of Torment” LP

Germs – “(MIA) The Complete Anthology” Double LP  

Germs – “Lexicon Devil” 7″

Ghost Spirit – “Hourglass” LP

Ghost Spirit / Frail Hands – split LP

Goat – “World Music” LP

Goat – “Commune” LP

Godcollider – self-titled LP

Göden – “Beyond Darkness” Double LP

Godflesh – “Streetcleaner” LP

God’s Hate – “Mass Murder” LP

Godspeed You Black Emporer – “F♯ A♯ ∞” LP

Godspeed You Black Emporer – “Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada” LP

Golgothan Remains – “Perverse Offerings to the Void” LP  

Good Riddance – “Thoughts And Prayers” LP

Good Riddance – “For God And Country” LP

Gospel – “The Moon Is A Dead World” LP  Currently unavailable

Gouge Away – “Swallow b/w Sweat” 7″

Gouge Away – “Consider/Wave Of Mutilation” 7″  

Gouge Away – “Burnt Sugar” LP

Government Issue – “Joyride” LP

Government Issue – “Boycott Stabb Complete Session” LP  

Grails – “Doomsdayer’s Holiday” LP

Green Lung – “Woodland Rite” LP

Green Lung – “Black Harvest” LP

Greet Death – “Dixieland” LP

Greet Death – “New Hell” LP 

Grid Iron – “Loyalty At All Costs” 7″

Groinoids- “Lost” LP

Groundhogs – “Blues Obituary” LP

Groundhogs – “Thank Christ For The Bomb” LP

Groundhogs – “Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs” LP

Guerra Final – self-titled 7”

Gulch – “Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress” 12″

Gulch / Sunami – split 7″

Gulch – “Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath//Demolition Of Human Construct” 12″

Gutter Knife – “Boots on the Ground” 12″  

Haircut – “Shutting Down” 7″  

Hard-Ons – “Dickcheese” LP

Hammered Hulls – self-titled 7″  Currently unavailable

Hands Of God – “Blueprint For Self Destruction” 12″EP

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – “Use Me”7” Currently unavailable

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – “Go Home” LP  Currently unavailable

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – self titled (2018)  LP  Currently unavailable

Haram  – “Where Were You on 9/11” 7”  Currently unavailable

Harrowed  – “Chaotic Nonentity” LP

Hatred Surge / The Endless Blockade – Split LP

Hatred Surge – – “The KVRX Sessions / Leftoverdose” LP+7″ Flexi Disc

Have Heart – “Songs To Scream At The Sun” LP  Currently unavailable

Have Heart – “The Things We Carry” LP  Currently unavailable

Hawkwind – “Sonic Attack” LP and 7″  

Headcheese – Self-titled LP

Healer – “Resurgence” 7″

Heavy Discipline – s/t LP  Currently unavailable

Heavy Discipline – self-titled 7″  Currently unavailable

Hell Bent – “Apocalyptic Lamentations” LP

Hellkrusher – “Human Misery” LP

Hellshock – “Ghosts of The Past Demo” LP

Heroin – “All About Heroin” 7″  Currently unavailable

Heroin – “Heroin (Paper Bag)” 7″  Currently unavailable

Hesitation Wounds – self-titled 7″

The High And The Mighty – “Crunch On” 7″ EP

High On Fire – “Electric Messiah” Double LP

High On Fire – “The Art of Self Defense” Double LP

High On Fire – “Blessed Black Wings” double LP

The HIRS Collective – “Friends. Lovers. Favorites” LP

Hive – “Most Vicious Animal” LP 

Hondartzako Hondakinak – “Bruiarta” LP  Currently unavailable

Humans The Size Of Microphones – “Human Crop Circles” LP

Hüsker Dü – “The Living End” Double LP

Hüsker Dü – “Land Speed Record” LP

Hüsker Dü – “Flip Your Wig” LP  Currently unavailable

Hüsker Dü – “Zen Arcade” Double LP  

Hüsker Dü – “New Day Rising” LP  Currently unavailable

Hyperdontia – “Nexus Of Teeth” LP


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