FUCKED & BOUND – “Suffrage” LP


Queit Panic / Void Assault Records

Clear vinyl (200 copies). 2020

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Fucked & Bound – “Suffrage” LP

Vengeful sonic fury from Seattle, Washington. A 13 song debut (from 2018) showcasing black & white hardcore-crust worship that aligns with Disfear, Nausea, ABC Diabolo and Capitalist Casualties. Kind of rockin’ too in places, like Coliseum. Fronted by crazed exhibitionist Lisa Mungo, who, along with the guitarist, also plays in excellent doom/sludge outfit, He Whose Ox Is Gored. This new version of Suffurage comes in a fresh sleeve design, and has an additonal track taken from their split 7″ with Haunted Horses (a cover of Sonic Youth’s Kool Thing).

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