Decibels of average accoustic guitar: 60 – 80 dB
Decibels of average amplified electric guitar: 115 – 135 dB
Decibels inside the womb: average 80 dB, up to 96 dB


August 2021

Pygmy Lush albums back in stock again, including their split with Turboslut (in for the first time).
A band from Sterling, Virginia formed by ex members of Malady and pg.99 (and loads more). They were active from around 2007 to 2011. Aside from the occasional raucous blasts of noise-rock (like Born Against meets Jesus Lizard) they mostly settled down into an enchanting blend of scruffy folk meets moody post-rock, that was all of their own. Weirdly, the only band I could ever compare them to was San Diego’s Black Heart Procession (who did some amazing albums on Touch And Go Records in the early 2000’s).
Should you care? Well, I do! They were a very special band, that I still play regularly, and I also think they were (perhaps) a little bit overlooked… One of those secrets, where the people that know them – love them.

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July 2021
Thought of the day…
In the constant trawl trough the world of music in order to find stuff to stock on this ‘ere distro I often come up againt the problem of whether it is ethical/comfortable to sell a particular band’s release. Specifically, it’s having to grapple with the re-occuring curse of the ouspoken middle-aged punk rocker, who doesn’t know when to shut up and slip away into retirement – go play golf, make models of WWII areoplanes, or whatever. Just don’t make any more records.
Who do I mean? I mean the guy from the Cro-Mags who shares an internet platform with David Icke; the guy from Amebix/Tau Cross rabbiting his way down a conspiracy theorist’s hell hole; the guy from the Melvins sharing his bigotry in an interview with the Proud Boys prick Gavin McInnes; the guy from Burn who, overnight, has become the smartest scientist in the world – and who really knows the truth that connects vaccinations to infertility. The list, depressingly, goes on…
When it comes to choosing who to avoid, it does help that the recordings made by these ageing male dullards (and it is always the men. Not women – or none that I know of) are generally pretty mediocre.
However, I do like the latest Melvins LP, so, yeah, I am going to stock copies of it.
I don’t know if I always get it right. And I know that no one is losing any sleep over it. I would just say, to the fellow middle aged men out there, please, check your not-so-clever brain thoughts. Try to avoid becoming an attention seeking, over-reacting, mean-spirited cynic.
Shush your lips.
You’re probably not right.
But you are embarrassingly annoying.
(I will now shut up, too).