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DOWNCAST – “Tell Me I Am Alive” LP


Three. One. G/ Ebullition Records



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Downcast – “Tell Me I Am Alive” LP

Born from a pivotal moment in international hardcore from a looong time ago, and amazingly, from out of the blue, brought back to life in 2020. The debut 7″ by California’s Downcast launched Ebullition Records, and coincided with the emergence of countless other new-breed hardcore bands (from Born Against to Swing Kids and everyone inbetween). After their European tour of 1993 they broke up and left unrecorded songs which this new recroding picks up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new tracks, 10 in total. Still recognisable as Downcast, this is also poles apart from their first album of 1991 (which to be fair, wasn’t that great, they were so much better live). It’s genuinely exciting to hear a blast of distinctly 9o’s style hardcore given a fresh, modern-day production (recorded and mixed by Ryan Greene who has worked with NOFX and Good Riddance). Weirdly, it puts me in mind of Drugchurch. Fugazi, too, of course.

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