COME TO GRIEF – “Pray for the End LP


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Come To Grief – “Pray For The End” LP

The new renamed version of doom metal warlords Grief. Featuring founding member Terry Savastanos on guitar – who also played in Disrupt and Warhorse (who recorded an amazing album for Southern Lord back in the early ’00s) – with new members, including former Grief drummer Chuck Conlon. Following-up a previous split 12″ (with Fistula) and The Worst Of Times 12″ of 2017 (on Fuck Yoga Records), this padded-out 3 song EP delivers the exact kind of bulldozing deluge of sludge that you would hope to expect. Yet, gratifyingly, this is also accessible in a way that is contrary to a lot of the bands within this downtuned genre of doom – where ‘punishing’ often becomes a polite by-word for tuneless, unlistenable-to-noise, yaknowhatImean? Wade a little deeper into the myre and you find actual proper songs, and better still, a 90’s influence begins to emerge: Dystopia, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey and (even) the slower, growlier moments of Born Against and Rorschach. And yeah, Grief too, of course – but Come To Grief are a progressive lurch forward.

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