DECADENT FEW – “lowlife” LP


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includes poster insert. 2019

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Decadent Few – “lowlife” LP

Unsung heroes of the mid 80’s UK punk scene given a late but very welcome reissue. This LP compiles the 7 tracks recorded in 1988 for an unreleased mini album on Real World Records, plus 4 tracks from 1994 that only appeared on a long-deleted US compilation CD. A London based band that formed in 1984 (after the demise of Youth In Asia) and, much cherished by myself, but perhaps over-looked at the time – Decadent Few were perhaps too out-there for the Mortarhate/Conflict dominated punk ‘movement’ of that period of time in the UK. Absorbing both the anarcho/gothic vibes of UK Decay, Poison Girls, and the Mob; with subtle hits of US/Dischord hardcore; all topped off by the phenominal voice of Kay, whose soaring vocal range is off the musical scale. Powerfully expressive and dramatic in ways to make many a professional performer green with envy.

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