DEAD KENNEDYS – “Plastic Surgery Disasters” LP


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Dead Kennedys – “Plastic Surgery Disasters” LP

The second Dead Kennedys album, an absolute classic of early 1980’s hardcore punk. The debut, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, probably wins the popular vote, but I have a feeling that the true hardline DK fans will opt for Plastic Surgery Disasters as the band’s pinnacle achievement, everytime. Fresh Fruit is a blast of joyous discovery: “hey everyone, check out this crazy new sound we just invented!”; whereas Plastic Surgery is: “ok, now we have this crazy new sound let’s see what we can really do with it…”.
East Bay Ray’s guitar is on fire, delivering sheets of molten-metal noise, recalibrated with solos that are even more hooky than before; Klaus Flouride’s jazzy basslines are pumped-up with aggressive menace; new drummer D.H. Peligro is as tight, fast, and groovy as Earl Hudson of Bad Brains; and Biafra’s lyrics are the perfect mix of paranoid conspiracy (backed by dilligent investigative work) and viciously hilarious social satire; the vocals too – a great mix of anger and that unique Biafra vibrato warble. Each song is strong and distinct, and the production is faultless. This is the proper band endorsed pressing, remastered from the original tapes.
Tomorrow you’re homeless….
Tonight it’s a blast…

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