COLD FEET – “Punk Entity” LP


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400 copies, includes insert and download. 2020

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Cold Feet – “Punk Entity” LP

The debut album by Baltimore’s Cold Feet follows on from the EP of 2019 and drags you further down the memory lane of classic American hardcore. Straight out the gates – and this is no exageration – you get hit-up by the instantly recognisable fury of Articles Of Faith, SSD, N.O.T.A. and Battalion Of Saints. The vocals are Darby Crash era Poison Idea, the lyrics have the irreverant flair of Adrenalin OD… you can band-trainspot each of these 8 song, none of which, incidently, get past the two minute mark, so yeah, basically, fans of 80’s US HC are going to let loose their nut-bags over this one.

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