SLUMP – “Flashbacks from Black Dust Country” LP


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Black vinyl, 325 copies, includes poster inseret and download. 2019

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Slump – “Flashbacks from Black Dust Country” LP

A sludgey, heavyweight, hard-rock mix that is fired-up, punked-up, and then shot into space. Deep space. Is hardcore-phsyche a thing? Acid punk? It is now… bombed-out riffs interlaced with oscilating electronic swirls puts this directly in the path of the space-gods (i.e. Hawkwind). Add the retro amps of Kyuss, the garage kick of early Mudhoney, and the ranty vocal outburst of No Problem, and you’ve got yourself a pretty intense trip, baby. Blast this one in the faces of King Gizzard fans. That’ll learn ’em.

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