ADRENALIN O.D. – “Let’s Barbeque” LP


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Gatefold, includes download. 2019

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Adrenanlin O.D. – “Let’s Barbeque: Millennium Edition” LP

A.O.D.’s first vinyl release, a six-song EP that was released on their own Buy Our Records label in 1983. Because their budget was so tight, the band could only afford 15 minutes of studio time, and so they recorded all six tracks in one take with no overdubs (“all mistakes are guaranteed left intact”). Very cool. This Millennium Edition (1000 copies) includes an additional track from that same session. Also included are 5 tracks from their demo tape recorded in 1982. If A.O.D. had become a rap band who much better would they be compared to the Beastie Boys? (a comparison between both band’s debut recordings leads me to think – a lot better!)

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