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ADRENALIN O.D. – “Humungousfungusamongus: Millenium Edition” LP


Beer City

Colour vinyl (yellow), 800 copies. 2019

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Adrenanlin O.D. – “Humungousfungusamongus: Millenium Edition” LP

Pizza and beer. Pizza and beer…  Formed in 1981 from the ashes of late 70’s punk band The East Paterson Boys Choir, Humungusfungusamoungus was Adrenalin O.D.’s second album, released in 1986 by the band on their own label Buy Our Records. This Millennium Edition contains all 19 tracks of blazing speed-punk – even faster and even tighter than before on Wacky Hi-Jinks – but they have been restored and remastered from the original tapes, and including all the original artwork and insert.

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