CRUCIFIX – “Dehumanization” LP


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Poster sleeve, comes with obi-strip. 2021

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Crucifix “Dehumanization” LP

Repress of the one and only full-length recording by the legendary San Francisco band that pioneered the American ‘peace punk’ sound of the early 1980s. Originally released by Corpus Christi Records in 1983. This new Kustomized Records re-release has been carefully remastered from an original source and the poster sleeve has been reproduced to a decent-quality, very close to the original.
One of the timeless greats of early American punk, acting as bridge between the Discharge-fuelled, politicised anarcho punk synonymous with the Crass label; and the high speed rawness of early Dischord, Touch And Go and R Radical Records, synonymous witht the first generation of US hardcore punk.
Members went on to form the bands Proudflesh and Loudspeaker  – both are ok, but nowhere near the groundbreaking magnificance of Crucifix. (Just learnt the guitarist ended-up in an early line-up of Faith No More).
Escaping from a school trip to London, I tracked down Rough Trade Records for my first time. Tommy Stupid was briefly stood next to me, flicking through the import section – he couldn’t find what he was looking for and left within minutes (to this day I still wonder what was that hardcore import record that he couldn’t find?). Those imports were way out of my price range. I had just enough pocket money for a ‘Pay No More Than £3.00’ copy of Dehumanized (plus – memory serves me correct as always on these matters of no interest – a copy of the System’s 2nd 7″). I mention this pointless anecdote because, fuck, it’s hard to get my head around the price of this reissue. How is it that those cheap, black and white sleeved anarcho-punk records of my youth have become the least affordable represses of my middle age? Oh well, it’s your choice… price… or annihilation.

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