CRO-MAGS – “The Age Of Quarrel” LP


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Black vinyl. 2023

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Cro-Mags – “The Age Of Quarrel” LP

The first album by the seminal New York hardcore band, released on Profile Records in 1986.  A legendary recording that helped define American East Coast hardcore for ever more. Let down, I always felt, by a slightly repressed, boxy production (back in the day I preferred the ’85 demo), but, brilliant performances from each member: Mackie’s drum fills are on fire, with Flanagan’s basslines forming a near-perfect rhythmic alliance; Parris Mayhew’s deft rock stylings opened-up a new era of punk-metal crossover; and John Joseph added a vocal style that is pure traditional popular music – think of his vocal-lines, slow them down, and start clicking your fingers, and you’ll get what I mean, that cat had a lot of swing and groove. It’s a flawed classic, with crummy lyrics, for sure, but every home needs a copy.

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