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BOLT THROWER – “…For Victory” LP


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Bolt Thrower – “…For Victory” LP

The fifth album from Coventry’s death metal institution, and, after six years of peel sessions, Earache LPs – plus that first one they did on Vinyl Solution – the final recording made by the original line-up. Caught these guys live in the early days, happy that the spirit of early Sacrilege was being kept alive (someting that Sacrilege themselves were were failing to do), heard them countless times on John Peel… but, sort of lost interest when the Games Workshop sleeves started appearing. And I didn’t go near this album due to my misinterpretation of the sleeve graphics. It all seemed a bit too ‘remember our boys, death or glory’ type nonsense. And of course, I was wrong – these were old Crass punks who fought in the 80s anarcho wars, afterall –  and the numerous legions of death metal fans, who held Bolt Thrower in as high a regard as Entombed and Morbid Angel, were (pun intended) dead right. Hype sticker says: Full Dynamic Range… ? (Someone must have turned up the dubly when they did the remastering).

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