AHNA – “Crimson Dawn” LP


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Black vinyl, includes inserts. 2022

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Ahna – “Crimson Dawn” LP

Blackened punk from Canada, this is their second full-length album, released in 2020 on CD and cassette format and now pressed onto vinyl for the first time. The alternate male/female vocals has an obvious echo of Nausea and Sacrilege, except, these crust punk fanatics have broadened those influences, absorbing plenty of death metal, plus a little helping of grindcore when necessary. Makes for quite a powerful stench. Some of the best death metal comes with a little hardcore/crust punk in its DNA; while a crust punk band such as Ahna with a dose of death metal in their genetic make-up – now that’s even better! Sounds like a mix of Flower and Droldrey.

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