HIVE – “Most Vicious Animal” LP


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Orange vinyl. 2019


Most Vicious Animal by Hive

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Hive – “Most Vicious Animal” LP 

Swedish influenced punk from Portland, USA by way of Memphis – which instantly draws a reference to His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy, and true enough, the immediate hit you get from Hive is indeed the down-tuned, stomach churning heaviness of both those d-beat luminaries; complete with pick slides and those distinct high-end open string drones (not forgetting From Ashes Rise as well of course), but there is also a bigger, broader expansion of this style taking place here – similar to Morne –  and with an added hardcore angst the brings to mind Cursed and Trap Them. This is their second full-length and follows-up their recent split 7″ with No Skin.

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