CODE ORANGE – “Underneath” LP


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Blue-black translucent galaxy vinyl, ‘Lenticular Cover’ gatefold sleeve, includes, poster and inserts. 2020

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Code Orange – “Underneath” LP

The fourth album from Pittsburgh band, Code Orange, taking all the potential of 2017’s Forever and progressing their industrial-metal brand of hardcore forward a leap or two. Glitchier and more synthetic than before, but in an enriching way – there’s a lot of interesting sounds to explore within this album. And I make no bones about it, there are aspects of Code Orange I’m not so keen on, and if it wasn’t for guitarist and vocalist Reba Meyers this band would really suck – aside from being super talented, the femine-masculine dynamics that she adds are such an important part of the overall Code Orange aesthetic… (but any commercially-minded band who copy the Code Orange style – stay the fuck away from me!!)
I just found these copies (in January 2021) that I bought from the US a year ago, (when they turned up I was horrified by the high price, and put them to one side… and then forgot all about them…) the price is still very high, but, you’re not likely to find a copy of the limited American first press (with 3-D holographic sleeve art) anywhere else these days…

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