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EVERY TIME I DIE – “Radical” Double LP


Epitaph Records

Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl, one side etching. 2021

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Every Time I Die – “Radical” Double LP

Archetypal metalcore band from Buffalo, New York delivering their 9th album. The five years since the last album, Low Teens, means there has been plenty of time to fill these sixteen tracks with an abundance of creative ideas, making this a mind-blowingly dense LP. A chaotic array of different styles – Southern rock, hardcore, screamo, math rock – all reigned-in by some ferociously tight musicanship. A revelation for me, as I had written these guys off as a myspace crabcore band a long, long time ago (I blame their name, Every Time I Die: conjures-up the worst fears of Kerrang/Daniel P Carter ‘post-hardcore’ – I mean, afterall, they are on Epitaph, easy mistake), whereas in actual fact I have to reassess my mean spirited prejudice because this album sets my ears alight – like a high-calibre mix of At The Drive In and Dillinger Escape Plan. It be good. Even a moment where it sounds like they are going to descend into Radiohead-style indie-balladry, instead becomes a triumphant explosion of progressive, off-kilter hard rock to rival Mars Volta. I could mention early Cave In too, because Everytime I Die are that good, but I won’t, because it would reinforce the notion that they are a bit retro, and actually far from it, this album has 2022 writ large all over it. And their guitarist is a professional wrestler. Bloody bravo.

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