HAKUCHI – “The Best Works 1991 to 1994” LP


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Includes lyric insert. 2021

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Hakuchi – “The Best Works 1991 to 1994” LP

Japan’s Hakuchi (Niigata City) released two EP’s and several demos between 1991 and 1994. Their early recordings follow the more classic japanese hardcore tradition of the time, but by the release of the 1993 EP God’s Disturb on Overthrow Records they had morphed into their own unique crust punk style (with nods to Amebix and Extreme Noise Terror). A  well as that 7″ EP, this compilation includes 3 different demo recordings, a live track and three tracks from compilations. An underrated band, these recordings have the exact feeling of malevolance, desperation and apocalyptic dread required for this style of grinding protest punk, and without sounding in the slightest bit corny or cliched, almost twenty years later this still sounds unbelievably fresh and original.

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