BLACK ARMY JACKET – “Open Casket” Double LP


State of Mind Records / Brainscan Records

Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve (400 copies). 2023

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Black Army Jacket – “Open Casket: The Discography” Double LP

The definitive discography vinyl release for this New Jersey/New York hardcore/grind/thrash/power violence band that existed from 1996 though late 1999 and that featured musicians who have also played in such acts as Municipal Waste, Deny The Cross, Disnihil, Matt Pond PA, and Discordance Axis.
The double LP features the band’s 1996 demo, The Path of Two Swords As One 7”, various compilation tracks, and their split EPs with Agathociles, Corrupted, Hemlock, Noothgrush and Spazz. Black Army Jacket’s previously unreleased 7” from 1999 is also exclusively included in the exhaustive collection. Open Casket was mastered for vinyl by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and features all-new artwork and layout designed by Mark McCoy (Youth Attack, Charles Bronson)

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