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BODEGA – “Broken Equipment” LP


What’s Your Rupture?

‘Hot Pink’ vinyl. 2022

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Bodega – “Broken Equipment” LP

Either the fourth album, or the second album by these New York art punks – depending on wether you consider the previous two 12″s, Shiny New Model and Witness Scroll to be mere EPs or full-length albums – a supposition that someone more wordly wise than myself would need to resolve.
A record by Bodega is pure, concentrated New York City – both lyrical subject matter (the same sharp, tounge in cheek observations of modern city life), and also musical inspiration (Television, LCD Sound System, Les Savy Fav and Parquet Courts).  This new collection of 12 tracks opens-up their sound, full of rich points of inerest (the lryics, the melodies, the beats, backing vocals etc.), with a polished production and a few musical advances that got me thinking Washington DC/Dischord/Fugazi/Coriky.

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