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Hand-printed sleeves, with fold out poster. 2018

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Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – self titled (2018)  LP

The third LP, finds the NYC band entering new, broader, territory. This is modern day garage punk. Tim Kerr’s guitar style (Poison 13 and Jack O’ Fire) fights a demonic hammond organ (The Doors!), while frantic drum rolls propell forward the super-hyped, deranged-badman, vocals of Mr. H Wood (James Brown meets John Joseph). It’s wild, it’s fun, (it’s slightly mental), and it’s heavily imbued with the degenerate grime of darkside New York that you thought was long-since burried aside the corpse of GG Allin. All artwork done by Sam Ryser and hand screen printed in NYC.

“You know you’ve got a truly magical record in your hands when you can’t flip the record over because you’re spending so much time with the first side. Spoiler alert: the second side is just as amazing.” (Razorcake)

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