ABRAZOS – “Nothing Gets Changed…” LP


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Black vinyl, includes download. 2022

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Abrazos – “Nothing Gets Changed By Being Polite” LP

Punk lifers from the Southampton/South Coast scene with a shared legacy between the three members that covers so many bands – I couldn’t even begin to run them through them all… Recall a shouty-punky-hardcore band from Southampton from any time in the past decades, and yeah, they’ll have a direct connection to Abrazos. Twenty one tracks that were bashed out in quick succession in one trip to the local recording studio, with minimum overdubs or complications – the end result allows the tracks to flow from one to the other with a natural ease, (broken-up occasionally by the necessary sound bites, of course). Despite the serious-minded intent behind the social issues and political agitation that lies at the heart of the band, there is also a subtle sense of shared fun, and an infectious celebration¬† – getting that shit off of your chest, while also having a bloody good time belting out, top o’ your lungs, a high speed tune with a hooky chorus. Like I say, it’s infectious.

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