OI POLLOI – “Saorsa” LP


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Includes inserts. 2021

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Oi Polloi – “Saorsa” LP

The umpteenth album by Deek Allen’s notorious protest punk institution. This one – apparently their sixth – was recorded at E-Studio, Helsinki in 2014. A band blessed with the biggest family tree in the history of rock music, and also (less acknowledged) a rich vein of comedic fruitiness and ironic humour hidden amongst all the hardline socio-political righteousness. Saorsa means “Freedom” in gaelic and the themes around individual liberty are key to the lyrics of this album (lyrics that are mostly sung in English with excursions into Gaelic, Spanish as well as Yiddish). The beautiful artwork was done by Sonia L, which has since been turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

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