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Extreme Noise Terror – “Phonophobia” LP

The mini album from 1991 by Ipswich’s seminal crust-core demons. After the slight disappointment that was 1989’s Holocaust In Your Head, it felt at the time like E.N.T. ‘s moment had been and gone. And yet when Phonoboia was released on Vinyl Japan/Discipline Records, to very little in fanfare, I remember being pleasantly surprised. More than anything, they finally owned a decent studio production (credit where it’s due, Southern Studios was a blessing for many an ugly-duck punk band in them days), which combined with the over-the-top multi-layered overdriven guitars (with plenty of high-end wailing), made an end result that was a bit of a UK anarcho-thrash classic. A taste of the late 80s – with a direct link, in style, to Antisect’s In Darkness, along with countless old-school Japanese and Scandinavian d-beaters very much alive and kickin (hard) in the early 1990s.

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