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EXTREME NOISE TERROR – “Phonophobia” Double LP


Agipunk Records

Double, (extra coloured vinyl live 12″). 2016

Extreme Noise Terror – Phonophobia LP (2010) by Punkdistro

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Extreme Noise Terror – “Phonophobia LP + bonus live” LP

After the dissapointment that was 1989’s Holocaust In Your Head, it felt at the time like E.N.T. ‘s moment had been and gone. And yet when Phonoboia was released on Vinyl Japan / Discipline Records in 1991 – to very little in fanfare, anywhere – I remember being pleasantly suprised. More than anything, they finally owned a decent studio production (credit where it’s due, Southern Studios was a blessing for many an ugly duck punk act in those days), which combined with an In Darkness… approach to muti-layered overly-overdriven guitars (with plenty of high-end wailing), the end result, despite being overlooked at the time, was a bit of a classic. A taste of the late 80s, alive and kicking in the early 90s, and still doing alright. Worth keeping in press, nearly 30 years later, for sure, but even more so with the added bonus of an additional 12″ – a live set (direct from the soundboard) from the legendary Adam And Eve’s (Leeds) from 1986 – which is the original, Earslaughter era¬† E.N.T., caught absolutely at their prime-best. And it sounds as exciting now as it was, back in the day.

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