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Gatefold-sleeve with 16 page booklet, includes download. 2020

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Disaffect¬† – “Still Chained (Discography)” Double LP

An important band in the history of punk, from the northern end of this island that we once called the united kingdom. Glasgow’s Disaffect were active in the early 1990’s, releasing a number of records that are compiled here on this ambitious double album. It’s slightly lazy to make a comparison to Nausea and Alternative merely due to the fact that they also shared a male-female vocal-combination, but fuck it, it’s a comparison I’d comfortably make regardless, because it’s not inaccurate. Musically, they played fast, ferocious hardcore that continued the tradition of Ripcord, Heresy and Concrete Sox, but updated to the nineties style of Sedition (with whom Disaffect shared members), Health Hazard and Pink Turds In Space.
A whopping 36 tracks, the An Injury To One Is An Injury To All 7″,¬† the Sedition split 7″ (both on Flat Earth Records), the Home Of The Slave 7″ (Nabate Records ’93), the Chained To Morality LP (Nabate ’94) as well as the ultra rare split 7″ with Bizarre Uproar. And also the best tracks off the 1991 “Demotape” (with the full version available within the download).

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