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FROM ASHES RISE – “Concrete And Steel” LP


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From Ashes Rise – “Concrete And Steel Remastered Edition” LP

The debut release from the year 2000 by then-Tennessee punks who were tied-in with Deathreat and His Gero Is Gone. I knew at the time that this 12″ was special. And it still is. While Tragedy hoovered-up a range of international influences (UK, Sweden, Japan), From Ashes Rise were instead coming from a distinctly American brand of protest punk, one that runs through Christ On Parade, Final Conflict, early Neurosis, Impulse Manslaughter, Christ On A Crutch etc. Urgent, angry and ferocious, with no letting-up on the roaring intensity. And speed was essential. Remastered by (former member) Brad Boatright – and sounding a lot brighter and with higher definition as a consequence – this special edition also comes with new liner notes and an obi strip.

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