CITIZENS ARREST – “Colossus” Double LP


Old Hardcore / Fortress Records

Gatefold double vinyl with poster and zine.

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Citizens Arrest – “Colossus” Double LP

A double LP that contains pretty much everything that this hardcore punk band from the Lower East Side, New York, recorded during their 1988-1990 existence: their 1989 demo, The A Light In The Darkness 7″, compilation tracks, The Colossus album, an unreleased Red C cover, and a live recording. (The 8″ live flexi and 2011 7″ on Painkiller were left out). Citizens Arrest, along with Go!, Yuppiecide, Born Against and Rorschach (etc.), errupted out the New York DIY scene centered around the ABC No Rio venue at the turn of the 1990s. They managed to unite fans of political crust punk and straight edge hardcore with their ferocious onslaught of ear scorching power-violent rage, that wasn’t without the occasional melodic hook, and they remain an absolutely essential listen. One of the all-time greats.

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