CORM – “Audio Flame Kit” LP


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Red vinyl (300 copies) deluxe gatefold sleeve. 2023

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Corm – “Audio Flame Kit” LP

The first and only full-length from Washington, D.C.’s Corm, which featured John Davis of Q and Not U. This recording was originally released as a split between Dischord and Shute Records in 1996, and then later reissued on CD by Polyvinyl, and now in 2023 pressed on vinyl for the first time. I immediately recognised the name Crom, but with no clear recollection until a quick peek in Discogs reminded me of the split 7″ they shared with Braid from 1997. Its a shame that I’m so late in catching-up with their full-length, back then I would have jumped on this, filing it alongside Frodus, Lincoln, Shake Ray Turbine, The Crownhate Ruin, Current etc.  – a point in time when, (pun intended), I was hoovering-up any DC/Fugazi flavoured post-hardcore sounds.
Shouty vocals over dischordant guitars;  contrasting with sung vocals over tense, string picking; held together throughout by taught beats and jazzy basslines. Turns to camera, raises finger, “nice”.

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