GAME – “No One Wins” LP


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Fuckinhell, this one comes flying at you like a ferocious beast, straight for the throat. Saliva and blood. Opened-up by a wild rabid dog – brutal mutilation never felt so gratifying. The debut full-length from London’s Game hits so damn fast and hard it sends you spining with no time for band-spotting comparisons. And actually, the more I listen the more I realise how impressively original this one is. On a dime time changes, all seemless and tight, with shitloads of energy and violent sonic punch. Lead by some of the most distinct and expressive vocals that I have heard in yonks. And backed by an amazing drummer – I’m sure they’re fitting-in twice the quota of beats that a normal hardcore drummer would bash-out. All in all – we don’t often get ’em this good.

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