CULTURE SHOCK – “Reality Stop No. 44” LP


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Culture Shock – “Reality Stop No. 44” LP

The vinyl version of their second demo tape from back in 1986, pressed onto vinyl for the fist time by La Vida Es Un Mus several years ago, now sold out in this country as far as I can tell – so it was worth picking up a few copies from US before it dissapears for good (but these are consequently double-imports at a more expensive price). After the demise of the Subhumans, Culture Shock instantly became an exciting band of talented musicians, playing alongside many hardcore punk bands, providing a welcome opportunity for a breezier, less noisey/macho set (great memories of dark halls full of bouncing bodies). Reality Stop No.44 remains one of the stongest punk recordings of mid 80s Britain, and as wonderful as the Go Wild! mini LP that followed soon after. Wessex anarchists, yay!


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