GREEN DAY – “Kerplunk” LP+7″


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Black vinyl, includes 7″. 2024

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Green Day – “Kerplunk” LP and 7″

Corporate backed punk rock will always carry a heavy whiff of something hooky and unpleasant (but, but, what about the Clash, The Ramones, the Pistols?! Yep, that’s my point exactly – yucky corporate stench). That aside, I still have time for Green Day’s Lookout! releases (even though I much preferred Isocracy), especially as this repress includes the Sweet Children EP (released by Skene Records in 1990) which, with “Best Thing In Town”, contains by far and away my favourite Green Day song – a fab blast of turbo-charged Husker Du melody.
When a mate, once upon a time, put Green Day on in the tiny upstairs room of a pub, I helped out by doing the door. I thought they were very young for a touring band (and that they played for far too long). Not many people turned-up, around forty or fifty, so my mate was pretty disappointed to learn that someone bought their way in with a tab of acid. True story.


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