DOMINANT PATRI – “Heroes Glory” LP


Demo Tapes Records

One sided vinyl, includes booklet. 2022

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Dominant Patri – “Heroes Glory” LP

Demo Tapes Records does another fine job of unearthing and re-distributing an anarcho punk gem from times past. This Luton-based band that existed in the early 1980’s (of course!) released just one demo and played less than 15 gigs in their short existence. The three track demo recorded in June 1983 makes-up the one side of this disc, which is accompanied by an insightful booklet containing all sorts of interesting photos, flyers and zine extracts – interviews, gig reviews etc. Dominant Patri were both typical of the traditional anarcho punk sound (Antisect, Dirt, Mob, Zounds, Flux, and fellow Lutonites, Karma Sutra) and also untypical – as the pace and energy had more of a sombre post-punk tempo. Definitely higher-up the chain than a Bullshit Detector contribution; more like one of those quirky bands snuck onto a Mortarhate comp.

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