CAT POWER – “Moon Pix” LP


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Cat Power – “Moon Pix” LP

In the ups and downs of Chan Marshall’s life Moon Pix has the loose, fragile quality that indicates it was recorded during one of her more wobbly life-chapters. Despite which, some have refered to the fourth Cat Power full-length as her magnus opus (I actually prefer the post-rockiness of What Would The Community Think to the drunk, bluesy folk on Moon Pix). Apparantly, the songs were penned during intense times: a nightmarish hallucinatory experience while alone in a South Carolina farmhouse; and during two months travelling alone in Africa. The actual recordings took place over a couple of days in Australia, with members of Dirty Three turning up on the second day to add some further instrumentation. A magical recording, simple and deeply melancholic. Soundtrack to a young, fucked up individual, somehow making it through.

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