MM & The Peculiars – “Paean” 12″


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Translucent green vinyl, 250 copies. 2019

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MM And The Peculiars – “Paean” 12″ EP

Donor are quickly establishing themselves as the exciting new record label for the 2020s, and with their latest 12″ release by this Leeds-based trio they are proving how they are in no way limited to just making ears bleed with their crazed noise punk (as wondeful as that is), because MM and The Peculiars are heading away from hardcore towards an indie rock direction. But, indie rock in the good sense of the tag: early 90’s especially (all it needs is Steve Albini production and the deal is sealed). Jagged basslines and whirling rythmic patterns are absolutely in the vein of Jesus Lizard, and, (there’s no escaping the comparison) PJ Harvey, too. But crucially, the PJ Harvey of the first two albums – back when it was all about the three-piece unit/band; not just the front person (and let’s not forget: super tight, sometimes fast, and not shy of unleashing a loud hefty roar). The similarities are gobsmackingly impressive. The Peculiars are lead by Maegan Mills, known for also playing guitar in Big Cheese and Mere Mortal, showing-off here versatility alongside her formidable talent. 3 tracks on a 45 12″, with tasty ‘coke bottle’ green translucent vinyl.

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