EXCREMENT OF WAR – “The Waste, The Greed And The Bodybags” LP


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Black vinyl (400 copies), includes insert, stickers. 2021

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Excrement Of War – “The Waste, The Greed And The Bodybags” LP

A Midlands D-beat/noise-punk band that emerged in the early nineties with ties to Genital Deformities and Indecent Assault, and later joined by Stick (Dirt, Filthkick, ENT, Doom etc.). Stylistically, this is straight-up ‘crust punk’ as it since has become known, (although, I kind’a duck away from that tag these days), initially not dissimilar to early Anti-System; evolving into more Extreme Noise Terror/Anti-Cimex combustion. This is a compilation of their two split 7″s (with Dischange in 1991 and Beyond Description in 1993), 1991’s The Waste… & The Greed… 7″ EP, and the split LP with Deformed Conscience from 1995 (plus additional tracks from compilation contributions).

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