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ANGRY SOMOANS – “Inside My Brain” 12″ EP


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200 gram black vinyl, numbered out of 1500. 2014

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Angry Samoans – “Inside My Brain” 12″ EP

The debut 12″ extended player by the legendary American punk rock band, originaly released in 1980 by Bad Trip Records. First generation LA punk that bridged the gap between the garage psych of the 13th Floor Elevators and the emerging hardcore punk that became the Descendents, D.I., Agent Orange, etc. Like a bad attitiude version of The Dickies. Purile and obnoxious in true 70’s punk style. I always assumed there was an element of irony and a¬†knowing sarcasm to the Angry Somoans‘s stupid-meets-witty schtick. Hopefully I’m correct, they were smart guys, afterall. Otherwise, file this under ‘awkward historical curiosity’. These six tracks are all instantly recognisable pop-punk classics.

angry somoans on the youtube

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