ANGRY SAMOANS – “Back From Samoa” LP


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Limited clear vinyl. 2022

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Angry Samoans – “Back From Samoa” LP

The second album by LA’s Angry Samoans (or the first full length album if you consider 1980’s Inside My Brain to be more of a 12″ EP/mini-LP). Originally released in 1982, Back From Samoa is a classic of early American hardcore punk. Leaning towards a more traditional psyche/garage rock influence, and with less of the hardcore speed and energy that was emerging in other American cities during the early ’80s.  However, it remains way ahead of it’s time in terms of the pop-punk hooks and irreverent, naughty-boy attitude, especially so if you keep in mind the future waves of US punk that dulled our senses over the following decades (Descendants, No FX, Screeching Weasel etc.) Mischievous fun, with a low-brow incorrectness that nowadays requires a little extra forgiveness and tolerance (what the fuck do we do with a track like “Homo-sexual”? Ach!), but nonetheless, a significant historical artefact of past-punk.

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