DARKEST HOUR – “Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora” LP


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Darkest Hour – “Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora” LP

Drawing from the bands 21 years’ experience, the ninth studio album, recorded by Kurt Ballou in 2017, for this Washington DC (post-hardcore) metal band. Fast, complex, heavy metal with incisive riffs, melodic solos, meticulously tight drum hits, and a well-judged barrage of feverish vocals – all delivered with scalpel blade precision. Placing them firmly between the territories of Power Trip’s crossover energy, and the death metal of At The Gates/Carcass. The tag ‘melodic death metal’ usually makes me scream like a child and then run away, fingers in ears. But, with their collective background in DC hardcore, you know you’re safe in the company of Darkest Hour –  the kind of metal you can celebrate without making you feel like your IQ has just gone down a level or two. (oophh, music snob!)

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