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Crass – “Yes Sir, I Will” LP

The fith album by Crass, originally released in 1983, at the peak of their popularity, but, in all honesty, not really their finest moment… In 2019 Yes Sir, I Will was remastered and repressed as part of the ‘as it was in the beginning’ series of Crass reissues. However, this is the older press on Crass Records (as opposed to the new One Little Indian repress) – and that is significant for two reasons: one, it’s cheaper! (essentially, you’re buying a 12″ with just two Crass songs… sandwiched between shitloads of unlistenable garbage, so, cheap is important); and two, the print quality of the poster sleeve is clean and crisp, as it should be – my main criticism of the One Little Indian reissues, (despite the remix/remastering of the sound quality), is that some of the graphic quality has been reduced.

So, a difficult record. Was it a situationist joke (at the expense of punk kids like myself, who wished they had spent their pocket money on something else that day)? or was is too much improv jazz oddysey and cheap vodka in the studio? But, there are a couple of redeeming moments in amongst it all: a typically excellent Crass rant/song (with the brilliant refrain/chorus: “and what if I told you to fuck off?”); and, less typical, a piano-lead ballad that sounds like it belongs on the stage of a musical (and is actually pretty great, too). Both of these aspects, combined with the poster sleeve, make this a worthwhile purchase, despite the self indulgent improvisation.

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