DOOMSDAY – “Depictions Of Chaos” LP


Creator-Destructor Records

Beer with splatter vinyl with one-sided screenprint (250 copies). 2022

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Doomsday – “Depictions Of Chaos” LP (one sided)

Crossover thrash metal from Oakland, California’s Doomsday. Formed in 2018 and drawing their influences from the likes of Slayer, Iron Age, Black Breath, and Power Trip. Boasting a formidable triple guitar assault within their line-up, listening from the comfort of your armchair/driving seat/workstation/bus seat you will inevitably progress from enthusiastic head nodding to full-on ferocious head-banging. A mini album of six tracks, not quite a debut, as some of these tracks have previously been made available online, albeit older versions; another super-limited one sided 12″ from Creator-Destructor, featuring a silkscreened B-side.

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