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Black vinyl with white/silver splatter, includes insert, stickers, postcard and download. 2021

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Steel Bearing Hand – “Slay In Hell” LP

Dynamic thrash metal from the wastes of Texas. Essentially, full-on, no-nonsense, chunky death metal at it’s core, but done with punky attitude and a healthy amount of versatility. It perfectly encapsulates the kind of crossover that Carnbonized Records seems to specialise-in these days. SBH are as technically precise as Mastodon; while the overall vibe is a darker, gorier affair; with lightening fast riffin’ n’ shredding that conjures-up old school Nuclear Assault. This is an underground metal classic of our time – seriously. Six songs, but their finale is a 13-minute doom epic. Recorded in the Summer and Fall of 2019, engineered and mixed by Irving Lopez and mastered by Jack Control with Enormous Door Mastering.

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