HALLUCINATOR – “Another Cruel Dimension” LP


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Includes stickers and download. 2020

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Hallucinator – “Another Cruel Dimension” LP

Gnarly-as-fuck metal – with a touch of black, and a touch of death, but mainly thrash – galloping-out from the caverous depths of the Oakland underworld, like a horseman of the apocalypse late for their cognative behavioural therapy session. This is black metal of the (very) old school kind, as in Venom and Bathory, deliciously levelled-up by a vocalist who has perfected a Lord Humungus (MM, The Road Warrior) delivery to put the fear of satan into the huddled survivors besieged behind their fragile walls. Thirteen thunderous tracks, recorded and mixed at Secret Bathroom and Satan’s Seat Shoppe by Justin Divver in late 2018.

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