BY THE GRACE OF GOD – “For The Love Of Indie Rock” LP


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Blue/black vinyl, (250 copies). 2020

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By The Grace Of God – “For The Love Of Indie Rock” LP

Hardcore vets from the fertile Louisville, Kentucky scene. Within their membership By The Grace Of God held ties to many local bands, including: Empathy, Enkindle, National Acrobat, Guilt, Elliot, Automatic; but most of all, and perhaps the best of the bunch, Endpoint. The melodic DC/Mid-West influence remains, with the addition of Snapcase/Unbroken metallic guitars and moments of screamy Threadbare intensity. A reissue of the 1996’s For The Love Of Indie Rock¬† EP on vinyl for the first time since its initial pressings on Victory Records, featuring new artwork with an expanded layout, plus all the nine tracks that appeared on the CD version, including a Poison Idea cover. One-third of the proceeds from this release will benefit The Bail Project.¬†

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